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caveman update

so two weeks ago i started what dave calls, “the caveman diet.” only, its not a diet because i am not doing it for a short time; i hope it will eventually become my normal eating pattern.

basically i’m eating all natural food – nothing processed, no refined sugars – you get the idea. its almost a cross between the paleo diet and a gluten-free diet:

here’s a video that more or less explains what i’m doing. i’m not following it 100% (i still eat beans), but this gives you the general idea. basically, “if they didnt eat it 2000 years ago, its not allowed…”

my progress report:

week 1: super hard but i was pretty strict in sticking to it. i ate potato fingerlings for breakfast, fruits, nuts and hard-boiled eggs (don’t die of shock) for snacks, and lunches were grilled fish, lean meats, and lots of vegetables. the hardest part of dealing with the urge for an afternoon snack. but it paid off – 4 lbs in 5 days.

week 2: the bay area got hit by a heat wave and i don’t have ac. i was in no mood to cook so i ate a lot of salads. but also gave in and had fro-yo 3 days in a row – i couldn’t help it, i needed something refreshing. oh and i also had plain granola for breakfast because i refused to turn on the oven to bake potatoes (my breakfast choice these days) – BUT i measured the granola to exactly 1 serving (1/4 c).

so now we’re at week 3 and i hope to do better this week. i doubt i’ll ever follow it 100% (i eat beans) but like sam said – you have to allow yourself to give in to what your crave (in small portions of course) or else you won’t stick to your goal for the majority of the time. so every now and then i will have crumbles of garlic cheese, bits of dark chocolate and a sampling of fro-yo (ok so more than a sampling)…but all in moderation.

the city and the decker dead

i love the city. no, not whitney’s show – the city! please don’t call it san fran – only tourists do that. people who live here call it san francisco or “the city.”

in the spring of ’98, i came out to the bay area to interview for jobs. one of my interviews was at decker. i had to take bart into the city by myself for the first time ever. i was so not a city person back then – so naive and so terrified. i distinctly remember coming up from the montgomeory bart station, looking up at the buildings and being so overwhelmed, not knowing where to go. i also thought every person on the street wanted to mug me. LOL.

i got hired at decker, moved to the bay (thank you fred – best move i’ve ever made!) and worked in the heart of the financial district at 44 montgomery (at post and sutter).

it was such a great experience. the energy and commotion of the city is amazing. every person should experience working in a major city at least once in their professional career. there’s nothing like it.

these days i work on the peninsula, but today i had to go into the city for meetings. i took bart and got off at the montgomery station and voila – there was 44 – it brought back so many memories!


* the 17th floor antics
* lunch at crocker galleria (the salad bar at the fountain cafe – its still there!)
* 50% off on flowers at the street stands on fridays
* bart etiquette and my annoyance of people who violated it (i actually have video from ’99 of my bart commute and the decker office, but its too large to share)
* the nazi bakery
* ecw’s at the palace hotel
* specialtys

decker had some of the best people in the world. not co-workers, but people. people who actually cared and supported each other. we had the best laughs and i’m so glad that some of the “decker dead” are life-long friends. good times.

the circus

i went to the circus last night. the britney circus.

like most concerts, i assumed that cameras weren’t allowed so i left mine at home, only to find everyone around me with theirs. i was so bummed; we were in the 8th row and could have had fantastic photos. luckily i had my iphone and took a few. granted, they are kinda crappy but its better than nothing…

so tina, i’m posting these for you.

#1 – pcd


— the pussycat dolls opened the show. after seeing them upclose, i agree with dlisted – they all look like trannies.

#2 – perez


— perez introduced brit in a video montage. to quote tina, “perez used to trash celebs until they started inviting him to their parties, now he thinks he’s one of them…”

#3 – circus


— brit opened the show with, “there’s only 2 types of people in this world…” i am obsessed with this video. i watch it driving to work. and i’m not the only one who does that…you know who you are…


#5 – piece of me


— “i’m miss american dream since i was 17, don’t matter if i step on the scene or sneak away to the philippines…”

#6 – up close


— i can’t remember what song this was but wendy was telling me, “get the shot!” cause she was right in front of us! LOL

#7 – slowing it down to “everytime”


— everytime i try to fly, i fall without my wings i feel so small, i guess i need you baby…

#8 – the legendary ms britney spears


she’s amazing. she’s entertaining. yes, i love her. our lady of cheetos forever.