Caveman Eating

A friend recently told me that a person’s ability to lose or maintain their weight is based upon 80% of their nutrition and 20% on their physical activity. If she had told me this three months ago, I would have had my doubts. But two months ago I started an experiment that now has me agreeing with her 100%.

I’d been at a weight plateau for a few years. No matter how much I worked out, I couldn’t drop a pound. Not even half a pound. In fact, I was gaining weight. Frustrated, I asked my trainer for advice. He simply said, “Change your diet, go caveman” meaning, eat only simple, all-natural, unprocessed food. He’d tried it as an experiment and saw significant results.

Here’s a video that basically explains what I “caveman eating” means:

(I’m not following a strict Paleo Diet, but it’s probably the closest thing to how I’m eating)

I started this experiment the day after Easter, around the same time I got injured. Since I couldn’t workout, I could only rely on nutrition to keep my weight in check.
I wont’ lie to you, the first week was hard. Brutal. I had to give up cereal, zone bars, rice, pasta, etc. Basically, if it didn’t exist 2000 years ago, it wasn’t allowed.

I had to eat more nuts, fruits and vegetables (and admittedly, I don’t like fruit very much). I also had to eat lean meats, poultry and lots of seafood. Luckily, I was already going this so it wasn’t much of a stretch. The hardest part of the day came at 3 pm when I would normally have a zone bar.

After 2 weeks, I started to see results. Yes the scale finally dropped a few lbs, but I also felt better, leaner. But I soon got sick of eating baked potatoes and nuts; I had to change things up. I hated eggs but tried eating boiled egg whites. Turns out it’s a great snack so now I have one in the morning as well one in the afternoon.

I also learned that my body requires me to have a starch for breakfast and potatoes just weren’t cutting it. So I’ve made an exception and allow myself to have granola for breakfast. Yes, it’s a processed food but I buy organic granola and measure out exactly one serving. I love Erin Baker’s Double Chocolate Chunk granola [asa]B000K8R578[/asa]so it’s my one sweet-treat-of-the-day (other than fruit). I believe that we need to allow ourselves small exceptions, in moderation, to sustain the bigger effort.

It’s now been about eight weeks and I’ve lost seven pounds (with a significantly reduced workout schedule). I’ve completely changed my attitude about nutrition. I always believed that it was an essential part of our health, but now it’s a proven fact to me that it can have just as, if not a more, significant effect than exercise to our overall health!

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5 Responses to Caveman Eating

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  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    I’m not familiar with the Raw Food Diet but I eat cooked foods. I just eat simple, all-natural foods – lots of nuts, fruits, vegetables and lean meats. I stay away from anything processed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! If you have any questions or have specific topics you’d like to hear about, feel free to contact me!

  3. deeanna says:

    wow! you have some crazy strong discipline! is this the same as a raw food diet?

  4. Janet says:

    Great post Naomi! Very informative. I’ve heard this before, but not seen anyone prove the theory out. Thanks for sharing and being a good coach to those who need it.

    Great site btw too!

  5. De-Ann says:

    Wow, you lost 7 pounds? That’s great!
    I could never do it, it’s just too much to give up! But that chocolate chunk granola sounds interesting – I had never heard of that before. I may have to try it now…I do like granola…thanks!

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