Weekend Recap

It was one of those great weekends where I didn’t really have any plans and just played things by ear. Somewhat productive but still a lot of fat-dog time. My favorite kind of weekend.

I was supposed to run an easy 3 with Belina, in preparation for the 5K Mermaid race in the City next weekend (her first race ever!), but rain combined with a super busy Friday changed our plans. Instead, I ended up going to the movies to see “This Is It!”, the MJ movie. Loved it.

Saturday I headed out to Sawyer’s Camp for a 6-miler that you can read about on here.




After the run, I was feeling brave and decided to try something that I’ve always been afraid of — an ice bath. Runners swear that an ice bath will reduce soreness after a run. I have always been intrigued by it; but it was a mystery to me, I wasn’t sure exactly how it was done — that is until Chic Runner wrote a blog post, complete with video, about it. I had only run 6-miles and didn’t think I’d be super sore but I was feeling fearless so I thought, “Why not?”

So after my post-run chocolate milk-peanut butter-banana smoothie, I started to draw the bath. I didn’t have as much ice as I thought I did, just enough to fill half the tub. I climbed in and immediately thought, “This is supposed to be good for me?!?” It was quite possibly, one of the most miserable things I’d experienced — at first.

Once I got settled, it wasn’t so bad. I only lasted long enough for two catalogs (yes, when I soak in the bath, I read catalogs and magazines), but I was proud that I lasted that long. And you know what? Other than the usual nagging hammy, today I feel no soreness at all. My legs feel good, pretty fresh! Looks like I’ll have to add this to my post-run routine.


Also this weekend, my friend Christina announced that in preparation to be a ring girl at an MMA fight next month, she’s going Caveman style. Her friend, and my trainer Dave, had us both try this before and it totally worked for me. But lately, I’ve been eating terribly, so starting today, I’m joining her on the Caveman thing again.

But first, I had to have some sweet treats before I said goodbye to them for a while. So last night I went to Pacific Puffs on Union St to get some of their to-die-for cream puffs.


It was soooo good. Its a good thing I don’t live in the neighborhood, or else I’d be there every single day.


I’ve spent today revamping my running play list. During yesterday’s run I found myself skipping over a lot of songs which means its time to redo it. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way. I’ll pretty much run to anything and everything.

6 Responses to Weekend Recap

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  2. admin says:

    Thanks Duffy! I feel so flattered that you read my stuff! Hope your recovery continues to go well and say Hi to Bonnie for me!

    I’m counting down the days till spring training :)

  3. admin says:

    Hi –

    Thanks for the comment! Please tell me more about an espon salt bath, I’ve never heard about it before.

    I also enjoy your blog too!


  4. Tina says:

    From this whole post I can only identify with the cream puff love. No ice for me. Although, I’ve heard Jennifer Garner submerges her face in ice every morning to reduce puffiness and pores. Hmmm.

  5. ohhh the ice bath…they are wicked. I started doing espom salt baths and it’s much more enjoyable when it’s chilly outside

  6. Duffy Jennings says:

    Naomi – I’ve been reading your blog and FB posts and tweets about your running for some time now, and for a non-runner, your dedication to this constantly amazes me. I assume it becomes a healthy addiction over time, but I still don’t understand how you drag yourself out of bed early or hit the road on the weekends like this and run half-marathons or more. I’ve been around a lot of athletes, but runners seem to be the most focused. Keep it up!
    All’s well in our world. I’m recovering from rotator cuff surgery last Monday, but finally can get both hands on a keyboard. More blog posts coming this week.

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