Sunday Cooking

Unlike most of the rest of country, I don’t have President’s Day off and the Sunday Dread has definitely set in. Luckily, I had a pretty relaxing Sunday.

I got up early and headed to the pool in hopes that no one would be there. When I walked in I found 2 of the lanes being used and 1 open for me. The ladies using the other lanes were giving each other tips and seemed to be at about the same level, if not slightly better than me. Made it less intimidating. I had a nice 800 meter workout, mostly using the pull buoy. Its really helped me to work on my breathing and arm strokes, and I can really feel my core working.

When I was on almost done a guy asked if he could share the lane with me. I replied, “I’m actually on my last lap, so its all yours. Besides, you don’t want to share a lane with me, I’m a really weak swimmer.” He answered with, “Hey, we’re right there with you.” That really made me happy. Being a newbie to the pool I get intimidated when I see an experienced swimmer. If all the lanes are taken, I’ll sit in the whirlpool and wait for one to open up rather than asking to share a lane. I guess I’m afraid I’ll swim crookedand crash into them. Or they’ll want to circle and I’m definitely not ready for that.

I mentioned this in one of my Daily Mile workout recaps last week and one of my friends replied with “Don’t get intimidated, they were all beginners once too!” I’ve been taking those words to the pool with me ever since. Another reason to love the Daily Mile – its such a motivating and inspiring group of people.

Gluten-free pancakes
After swimming, I came home and made some gluten-free pancakes. They taste just like regular pancakes, except they are a little grainy, like cornbread. I don’t have Celiac’s disease or anything and don’t have any real reason to eat gluten-free; I’m just curious about trying gluten-free foods. The stuff I’ve tasted so far has been really good.

No Bake Bars
Since I have more time on Sundays, I like to try new recipes, so today I made some “No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bars.” I saw the recipe on the Skinny Runner blog. It seemed pretty simple to make and I already had all the ingredients so I thought, “why not?” It was very easy to make and tasted pretty good, but there’s more fat in this thing than protein. I think I’ll add almonds or walnuts the next time I make them.

Sunday Dinner
Being the blog-reading addict that I am, I tried new recipe for dinner that I read about on the Noshtopia blog. The recipe was for “Garlic Shrimp & Lemony Kale w/Shallots on top of Quinoa”, but I don’t like Kale so I substituted it with spinach. Lots of spinach.

The quinoa turned out to be the best batch I’ve ever made. It was very fluffy! Overall it was really good; I didn’t add any salt, so I added a little more garlic than the recipe called for.

Since I don’t have a holiday tomorrow, I’ve tried to take it as easy as possible this weekend to make me “feel” like I had a holiday. I’ll let you know how that worked out for me tomorrow. :)

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