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So….I’ve been MIA from blogging on a regular basis. Yes, I’ve had a lot going on, but truth be told, I actually felt embarrassed to write anything.

You see, a few weeks ago someone made the comment to me about blogging that went something like, “I’ve never been the type to assume people WANT to just hear me talk about myself.”

I was taken aback by that comment. I have never thought about blogging like that. Ever. It left me self-conscious about writing. Every time I thought, “Oh I need write a post about this” I’d wonder, “Would it be interesting to anyone else, or would it just me talking about myself?” And I’d end up writing nothing.

I guess from a non-blogger’s perspective that statement is true, but as someone who’s been a part of the blog community for the past 4 years, that’s not the way I see it at all. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, I blog to document things I’ve experienced, thoughts I’ve had – stuff I want to remember. I often go back and read through previous posts and appreciate the little details I may have forgotten about. And if I can provide amusement, inspiration or keep a relative or friend updated on my life, then why not?

I personally have over 300 subscriptions in my Google Reader of blogs about all kinds of stuff like food, fitness, fashion, decorating, news, sports, personal blogs, etc. And I love reading every single one. I learn so much from them. So yeah, I guess blogging is “talking about yourself”, but there actually are people out there who want to read about it; like-minded people who share common interests. That’s what blogging is all about. So forgetting what anyone else thinks, I’m back to writing for me…and now I’ll actually have to make the time to do write more often… :)

5 Responses to Back to Blogging

  1. Page says:

    I love your perspective as I too have people telling me that it’s just talking about yourself.

    Keep it up and us bloggers can stick together ;)

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  3. Jess says:

    Awesome post – I’m with you. Blogging is whatever you want to make of it. I’m so glad you’re back in action – don’t let anyone try to steal your love of blogging!

  4. medha says:

    its more for yourself anyway, dont listen to them. lots of people are interested in what you have to say.

  5. Glenn Jones says:

    Yikes! I hope that wasn’t me. If so – I’m sorry, but it wasn’t meant that way at all! I write my blog and I write it for me. Kind of like my diary. It just floors me that somehow along the way I picked up a couple hundred followers. When I started I never would have thought that others might be interested in what I was witing about. It was just a lot easier than finding a pen and a journal.

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