4th of July Weekend

Sadly, the 4th of July weekend is coming to an end. It was a pretty low-key weekend for me, just what I had hoped for. If I had to describe it in one word it would be “naps.” I have taken more naps in the past 3 days, than I have in the past 3 years combined. I am not a daytime sleeper so I welcomed the opportunity to be lazy. Well, I wasn’t exactly lazy…

After watching the A-Team on Friday night (hello BCooper!), I woke up early on Saturday to head out for a 10-mile run. It was supposed to be really warm this weekend so I wanted to get out before the temperatures started rising. I usually go to the trails on weekends, but the past few weeks have been packed with the charity running groups so I decided to run along the Bay Trail which I can do from my front door. It was pretty quiet, a lot less people than usual.

Layer of fog over the City

At Mile 7.75 I realized that the route I had mapped out would end up being 4-5 miles longer than the 10 miles I thought it would be. I was not in any mood to do extra miles so I turned around and had to manuever myself through the city streets.

Running by the San Mateo Bridge

Looking towards the San Mateo Bridge

Thankfully, I reached home at exactly 10 miles.

After I was done, I was starving and nothing to eat at home. Being a holiday weekend and all, I decided to splurge…I mean, after all, I had just burned 1020 calories! I only eat fast food about twice a year, but when I do, its always In & Out.

I will admit to looking up the nutritional value of a double-double before ordering, just to make sure I didn’t go too crazy on the calories. And while I did leave off the sauce and cheese, I couldn’t resist the fries (and my friends will tell you that I NEVER eat fries)…

After a looooong afternoon nap, I headed down to Half Moon Bay with friends to escape the heat. It was a full 20 degrees cooler! We dined at Sam’s Chowder House where there’s live music, patio seating, and everyone gets a good view!

Of all the restaurants that I’ve been to in HMB, Sam’s is definitely my favorite.

I started the 4th off at the pool. I wasn’t feeling all that great and only planned to swim a few laps and spend more time in the whirlpool. I was already sharing a lane with someone when a third person tried to join the lane. Yes, that’s right – 3 people in a lane. He starts coming down the lane with a kick board so I politely told him that he couldn’t do that – 2 persons per lane was the limit. The dude had a meltdown. He got out of the pool, threw the kick board and started yelling. We all continued on, ignoring the tantrum. This happens a lot at the pool at my gym. I wish they would put up signs pool etiquette.

After several more naps that day, I headed up to the City to watch the fireworks show at Ghirardelli Square. We had dinner in the Marina, then hung out until the show was supposed to start. Unfortunately, it was too foggy to see much of anything (sorry, no pics). However I must admit, I don’t really like fireworks. I hate the way they scare animals, so I didn’t mind missing it all that much.

How happy was I to have the extra day off?! I needed it badly. Too bad my natural body alarm clock didn’t realize it was a holiday and woke me up much earlier than I wanted to. I don’t remember the last time I slept past 6:30 am.

I sat around for awhile then decided to may as well get my run done for the day before it got hot again. As soon as I walked out the door I felt…humidity. There is nothing more I hate in this world than humidity.

85% – what was going on?! My left leg has been bothering me, and I really felt it today. It was not a fun run at all, but at least I got it done and out of the way so I could nap the rest of the day. :) I swear, all this napping has really made me feel like a new person! I wished I lived in Spain where they shut everything down in the middle of the day so I could take daily naps!

Lucky for me, its not only a short week, but I start a week’s vacation on Friday. I only need to go through 4 work days this week and then I’m off for 9! Yay for short work weeks!

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  1. Glenn Jones says:

    Nice weekend Naomi! It was dark and gloomy the whole weekend doewn here by the water in Southern California. Boo hoo!

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