Walk with Chip

While waking up at 6:30 am is sleeping in for me, its not for everyone else. Chip and I were the only ones up (actually its 10:30 am and we’re still the only ones up….) so I decided to take him out for a walk.

The mere mention of the work “walk” gets him all riled up….

He goes nuts and starts wimpering like a baby.

Once outside, he becomes out of control. He pulls and pulls until he either chokes himself, or yanks my arm out of its socket…which ever comes first, I guess.

See what a spazz he is? He zig zags…doesn’t walk in a straight line.

This is why you can’t really run with him (at least I can’t).


And on the way home, he met up with his neighbor. They “talk” to each other through the fence a lot.

After the walk, we hung out in the backyard for a bit…

And now he’s zonked out, leaving me to be the only one awake in this house…maybe I need to go back to bed too…

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