Vancouver Vacation

I had such a great time on my vacation and I’m so sad that its over. While I usually take a summer and winter trip to see the Vancouver relatives, this time there was a specific purpose — to spend some time with my cousin Jenna.

Jenna graduated from WSU in the Spring with a Masters degree in Education and accepted a teaching position — in China. She’s moving in 2 weeks!

So during the past week we….

* Shopped …walked around the Pearl District….

* Ate (a lot) …paid a visit to VooDoo Doughnut

…and ate endless amounts of sushi ($1/plate at Sushi Hana)…

* Watched baseball (no vacation is ever complete without baseball) …her younger brother had all-star games 6 of the 9 days that I was there. There really is nothing more exciting (and stressful) than watching Little League baseball.

* Did yard work…okay, so she worked while I watched…

* Worked out…we had never worked out together, it was so much fun! Although I’m sad that we never had our jump rope contest…

* Hiked…guess which route we took :)

* And played with Chip …have I said enough about this dog yet?

See…contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a lot to entertain us. Case in point, apparently last week was “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. Her boyfriend lives near their corporate offices in Maryland and sent this photo of their building.

We got such a kick out of it that he went back the next day to get a shot of the rest of the shark so we could get the ‘full effect.”

I know, we’re so random…

This was the perfect vacation for me. A laid back week of quality time spent with people I love. Did I say that I’m so sad its over? It went by way too fast. I am so going to miss this girl. I was worried about her going to live in China; then I found out that there’s a Wal-Mart in the city where she’ll be, and for some reason, that makes me feel so much better.

Jenna will be blogging about her life in China, so if you have any interest, you can check out her blog here. She just set it up so its a work in progress, but I’m looking forward to reading about her experiences.

Bon voyage Jenn! (and don’t forget to send me a magnet) :)

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