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2-Week Hiatus

Wow. My last post was 14 days ago. That’s a long time.

Two Sundays ago I set out to run 16-miles. My left leg was feeling much better and I was looking forward to seeing how it held up. It didn’t fail me and I was able to finish the run feeling pretty good at the end. Later, in the shower, my right leg (aka the good one) cramped up really bad. I mean, bad. I could hardly even limp. It was awful. My bad leg was now good, and my good leg was now bad.

It was frustrating and I felt completely unmotivated. I went 3 whole days without doing anything type of workout. Nothing. Nada. In the past 6 1/2 years, that has only happened when I’ve traveled. I have never taken 3 whole days off from working off – not even when I was sick. I spent a lot of the extra time massaging my leg, trying to work out the knots but the dull ache persisted.

I finally got around to working out again with a weight training session with my trainer. I actually thought about canceling it, but I knew I needed something to pull me out of my funk and get me going in the right direction again. It worked. I put in some workouts on Friday and Saturday, then went for a 10-mile run on Sunday.

I woke up on Sunday earlier than I would have liked, but after taking those first few steps out of bed, I realized that both legs felt normal. I was shocked. I was very apprehensive during the first couple miles of the run, afraid that the discomfort would return. Eventually I realized that I felt fine and was able to finish it without any problems. But that’s how I felt after 16, so I knew I’d have to wait to see how I felt afterward. And that could be summed up in 1 word – stiff. No pain, just stiff. Stiff enough that I skipped my run this morning. I probably could have pushed my way through it, but I really felt the need to stretch instead (see, I knew I should’ve gone to yoga last night). The Portland Marathon is now less than 2 weeks away. Despite the setbacks, I’m not all that worried about it. I mean, after all, I have 8 hours to finish it, and really, that’s all I’m looking forward to doing – finishing it.

In other news, my San Francisco Giants lead the NL West by 1 game, with 6 games left to go. And I’ll be going to 3 of the last 6 games. Its nerve-wracking and I am glued to watching every single pitch; not sure how I’ll make it through the next 6 days….

Guilty Pleasures

My alarm went off at 5:03 am, way too soon. I pressed snooze twice before dragging myself out of bed at 5:21 am. I groggily made myself a bowl of cereal and ate it with an empty stare nowhere. Usually, once I’m up, I’m up and moving. But this time I just felt like everything was a haze.

My body felt “off.” Hard to describe, but it just felt weird. Like weak or something. Maybe it was the massage I had the night before; not sure. I forced myself to get ready for a run. To get an idea of how “off” I was, I actually put my shoes on without socks. Yeah, one of those kinds of mornings.

I actually made it out the door and walked down to the park. But once I got there I just knew it wasn’t going to happen, so I turned around and walked home, and went straight to my couch where I plopped down to watch Gossip Girl. The season premiere. One of my guilty pleasures.

Ironically, I the last post I wrote on guilty pleasures was 2 years ago this month. So let’s take a look at what my current list is:

Gossip Girl: With quotes like, “My fairy godmother is my credit card”, what’s not to love?

General Hospital: I started watching with my Grandma when I was 5 years old, and thanks to TiVo, I still watch it religiously. What can I say, they’re like my family.

Fro-Yo: 2 years ago I listed Yogurtouille, but now I have so many more options. I can provide quality reviews on at least 6 different places. Fraiche is my favorite, but Harmony is most convenient. A large will last me for at least 4 days. Yum!

Lululemon: an *expensive* guilty pleasure. I’ve graduated from shoes and handbags to “yoga-inspired clothing.” Seriously, I can’t even put together a “regular clothes” outfit anymore. But I can tell you all about Lulu’s seasonal color palette and fall line.

Words With Friends: my newest addiction, just discovered last week. If you’ve never heard of it, its basically Scrabble on your iPhone. I think I have about 7 games going on right now. I’m not very good at it yet, but getting better.

To quote my cousin Jenna, “Its okay to judge me, I judge myself.”

After work, I indulged in a couple more guilty pleasures: a hair appointment at the salon, while reading the (thick) September issue of Elle magazine (in hopes of getting some sense of fashion back).

Here’s the mid-way point:

and here’s the finish!

Now that I’ve fully indulged in an unplanned rest day, time to get back on schedule tomorrow.

We Learn Something New Every Day…

As if Monday’s aren’t hard enough, this morning I was at the gym for a 5:30 am Spin class. Thankfully, the instructor had some good music to wake us up. I swear, with good music, I can push myself through anything. And its a good thing too because this was a “harder than usual” Spin class. We actually did “push-ups” on the Spin bike. In all the time I’ve been taking Spin, I’ve never heard of that before! It wasn’t easy, but I’d take it any day over real push-ups! :)

Feeling energized, I plowed through a productive work day, then came home for a sports massage. The therapist who does chair massages at work also does home visits, so I scheduled a 90-minute session. I can honestly say it was a real learning experience.

Lately I’ve spent so much time stretching, foam-rolling and caring for the left side of my body, that I’ve neglected the right side. And I felt it in every minute of the massage. I mean, I knew my right calf was tight, but I didn’t know it had *three* knots in it. And boy did I feel every one. Nor did I realize that my quads were mad at me. And let’s not even talk about my hips. Needless to say, this was not a soothing, relaxful massage.

A few weeks ago, one of the Giants bullpen pitchers got placed on the DL for an IT Band issue. A common problem that everyone knows about, right? Well, so you’d think. My Twitter feed blew up with people making fun of the diagnosis that most had never even heard of…including a beat reporter who’s covered baseball for years. My friend Missy, a fellow runner and Giants fan, and I happened to be at the ballpark reading these tweets. Not gonna lie, we were pretty shocked that a lot of people didn’t know about it, and yes, offended that they were making fun of it. I guess that’s just ignorance on my part to assume that people know about these things.

In hindsight, I realize how much I’ve learned about the human body in the past 2 years of race training. There is something new to be discovered almost every day, and I for one, never get tired of it. Another reason why I enjoy this so much.


In other news..mostly for my family…

So you all know how much I hate eggs, right? I have hated them since:

– I was a little kid and Grandma forced me to eat egg salad sandwiches.
– I saw my little sister’s head explode when she was a baby after eating eggs (allergic reaction).
– One of the eggs I found during an Easter egg hunt was rotten.

Recently, I read that egg whites were great nutritionally, so I began to eat 2 hard-boiled egg whites every morning and afternoon as snacks. Never the yolk though — it still grossed me out.

Well, I hope you’re sitting people, because I made an omelete this morning. Yes, that’s right, *I*, me, made an omelete. Not only is this huge because of the egg factor, but its big news because I’ve never made one before.

While grocery shopping over the weekend, I got all inspired and decided to go for it. So I got mushrooms, green onions, spinach, ham and salsa to go in it. I beat 2 eggs, then threw everything into the frying pan, like stir-fry. I don’t even know if that’s how an omelete is supposed to be made.

But guess what – it turned out pretty okay, even if I do say so myself! And the best part? It kept me full all morning; I wasn’t famished and reaching for snacks. I think I may be on to something!

Hey, and if you have any recommendations on how an omelete is supposed to be made, please send them my way! :)

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