Running Through the Wastelands

I was supposed to have spent this past weekend at the San Francisco Giants Fan Fest. But a crowd upwards of 40,000+ was expected, and I just wasn’t up for dealing with that many people. I am still traumatized from huge crowds at the World Series Parade. Last year’s Fan Fest was crowded enough and this year’s the crowd was likely to be more than double of last year’s.

So instead, I met up with Kady, for a Saturday morning run. While Kady is one of my closest friends, we had not seen each other in a long, long time, so it was really nice to just catch up. There’s nothing like spending time with a friend who knows you – and I mean, really knows you.

She’s run a marathon before, but doesn’t really do long runs these days, so the 8-miles I had planned was a rarity for her, but she rocked it.

We decided to run at the Palo Alto Baylands. Jess had recommended it to me a while ago and it’s been on my list of “new places to run at.”

But somehow, I don’t think the route we took was the route that Jess normally takes. We didn’t run in the Baylands, instead, we ran in the Wastelands.

We ran over gravel (which I don’t enjoy), past the Palo Alto airport (loud, low-flying planes), by a recycling plant, and ended up near smelly parts of the Bay. It was hot (60’s, but felt like 80’s) with no shade and tons of bugs. I swear I ate a few.

But despite the conditions, it was really nice to have someone there to push me. By choice, I usually run alone. But Kady and I mutually agreed to run with our own music (I can’t run a 100 meters without it). She ran faster than I did, so it was an incentive for me to push myself just a little more than I normally would have.

After the run we spent the rest of the unusually warm day:

{temps at lunch time}

– lunching on sushi

{only in Silicon Valley…}

– getting makeovers
– watching movies (the Social Network is excellent!)
– and just catching up

It was such a fun, but simple day; exactly what I needed.

4 Responses to Running Through the Wastelands

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  2. Glenn Jones says:

    LOL! Nothing I like to hear more than someone missing a Giant’s fan fest. Go Dodgers!

  3. kady! says:

    NJ, I had so much fun hanging out at the wellness center that is your home. And working out with you in your fancy lulu and high tech gear while I was kicking it old school in my outfit from the Flashdance-era… well, it reminded me of Rocky and Drago.

  4. Average A says:

    Haha — this sounds like a great run with great company, despite the situation you weren’t quite expecting! (AND YEAH, the parade was scary last year, was it not?? I work downtown and ended up leaving before the parade started because I was afraid of being trampled. Eeeeeks.)


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