Sawyer’s Camp With Friends

I had so much fun running with another person last weekend that I did it again this weekend!

Yesterday, I met up with Alisyn, a Dailey Mile friend and fellow blogger. We originally had planned to run at Half Moon Bay, but we ended up going to Sawyer’s Camp instead.

Sawyer’s Camp is a popular trail that runs from San Mateo to Millbrae, along the Crystal Springs reservoir. I’ve been running here for years and love it because:

1. Its marked every half mile
2. It has porta potties along the way
3. Its 6-miles so you can get in at least a 12-miler here, if not more
4. Its shaded
5. The views

Although my goal this year is to run at places I’d never been, I hadn’t been out here for a few months. We started out early enough where it was still a little chilly, but once we got going, I warmed-up right away.

I decided to wear my 2-bottle Nathan Fuel Belt, which I hadn’t worn it since the Portland Marathon. I’m running the Bay Breeze Half-Marathon next weekend and from what I remembered of that race last year, there weren’t that many aid stations so I wanted to see how it felt to run with it again.
As soon as we started running, I hated it. I have gotten used to running without anything around my waist. I fiddled with it the entire time.

For the first 3 miles I wore it low on my waist, riding my hips. I could feel a strain on my lower back, so somewhere along Mile 4 I moved it up to my natural waist. It felt better, but still bugged. I definitely will not be wearing it during next week’s race or anytime in the near future. I used to love it; I guess I’ve just outgrown it.

Alisyn and I ran our own paces but met up at the halfway point. Then we ran Miles 5-6.5+ together. We chatted the whole time and I can honestly say it’s the longest I’ve run without any music and didn’t feel like dying. We separated for the last 3.5 miles, running our own paces, and finished with 10 miles. It was a great run on another beautiful Bay Area Saturday! I’m really enjoying this running with other people thing! ☺

I closed out the weekend with a morning swim. It would have been an uneventful swim if not for the lady who decided to take over my lane.

I was about halfway through a 2200-meter workout when I turned around to finish a lap and found the lady swimming down the lane. Now I do not mind sharing a lane – at all – in fact, I find it motivating, but I do appreciate it if someone just says, “mind if I share the lane?” just let me know that someone else is there.

But this lady wasn’t interested in sharing the lane. She was going up and down right down the middle as if I wasn’t even there. Seriously. I asked her (nicely) if she could keep to her side of the lane and she got upset at me. Seriously. Luckily, at the same time the lady in the lane next to ours left so she moved over there and had that lane all to her lonesome.

I see a lot of poor etiquette at the gym, especially this time of year, but this was probably the worst I’ve personally experienced. Anyone ever experience anything similar? Oh well, at least I was able to finish my workout. My arms will be feeling this workout tomorrow.

5 Responses to Sawyer’s Camp With Friends

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  2. Page says:

    You should have “gently” kicked the lady in your lane while you were swimming. I kid, I kid ;)

  3. Jess says:

    Love that you’re getting into running with others – I LOVED that part of half training the best, we totally bonded, our little running group. It was so much fun! PS. your pics are awesome, what a treat that run would be for me!

  4. alisyn says:

    What a great morning! Nothing better than wearing shorts in the middle of winter with good company to boot! I can relate to your woes with the fuel belt, I think I have found a happily ever after with the Nathan! I hope you will find your hydration happily ever after too! Can’t wait to run with you again soon soon soon! :)

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