Unplanned Rest Day


NONE. Yep, none. Unplanned rest day.

After a mentally draining workday that included an arduous commute to the South Bay, I drove home in scary rainy conditions with limited visibility and crazy drivers. At one point, we even had flash flood warnings. That combined with really achy DOMS from yesterday’s training session with Dave (trainer) made me say no to my 7-mile run planned for this evening.

Instead, I came home, plopped on my couch and watched Jimmer and the Cougs. As I stressed out with every lead change, I also got caught up on my blog reading.

A favorite blog is Can You Stay For Dinner, which I’ve mentioned a few times in reference to the delectable recipes that Andrea shares. But she also writes insightful posts, most recently a very personal one on Emotional Hunger.

After years of keeping many, many food journals, I know that I am a mindless eater. I eat when I’m bored, with my weakest moments being right after getting home from work, which is why I like to workout after work. But on a day like today, when there was no after work workout, my first instinct was to head to the cabinet and grab something a snack – even though I wasn’t hungry. At all.

As I watched the game, I had to fight the urge to eat something. Instead, I drank lot of water…or wait, was that tears because my team lost?

I guess even now, 7 years after losing 4 dress sizes, some habits are still hard to break.


30-Day Photo Challenge: Day 2

Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Okay so I couldn’t pick just one. These days, my closest friends are the ones I talk to on a regular basis – three of whom I’ve known since college.

{Kady: The girl who ran a 4+ hour marathon without training and wasn’t sore afterwards.}

{Wendy: My old roommate who’s running her first half marathon in June with Kady and I.}

{Tina: The girl who lived on the same floor as me in the dorms our freshman year who has come to many races to cheer me on.}

Also, my cousin Shari who shares a love for the Orange & Black with me:

{I guess I know her the longest since we’re related.}

And though I don’t talk to her as often as I like, my friend De who I’ve known since elementary school, who invited me to do this challenge!

One Response to Unplanned Rest Day

  1. jobo says:

    Such a fun post and pictures! Love them. Good you took a rest day. Clearly needed ;)

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