Laler-P Goes The Distance

After a quick flight home from Vancouver, I hopped on another flight and headed out to New York for a self-imposed Spring Break, hence the lack of posts for the past week.

Since not much is going on these days, I’m going to take the next week and write “catch-up” posts of all the things I wanted to write about over the past 7 days but never did.


For me, one of the special things about the Vancouver Marathon was being able to run it with my cousin Lauren. Despite being a few years younger than me, we’re very close.

When we’re together, we sometimes head to the track together for a short run, where she runs effortlessly, like a deer. I’ve tried to get her to run longer distances with me, but she always reminded me that she’s a sprinter (who also ran Division I Track for a few years).

Last Christmas, as I was registering for the full marathon I asked her if she wanted to run the half. She was hesitant; reminding me that 3-miles is a long run for her. But at midnight on New Year’s Eve, she told me she wanted to do it so I registered her right away before she could change her mind.

Unfortunately, the chaos of school (she’s in her last semester of college) and work, kept her from training for the race like she wanted to. However, she did manage to get a few longer runs done in the last few weeks before the race – the farthest distance she ran to date.

When she met us in Vancouver on Saturday, I asked her what she was fueling with during the race. She had no clue and hadn’t heard of GU before. Luckily, I had packed a few extra gels for her. She tried one and seemed to like it so she decided to race with them — except she had nowhere to hold them. Fortunately, iFitness belts were being sold at the expo. She found one she liked and proclaimed that she no longer needed to carry a purse – she would use her new fanny pack — all the time! ☺

On race morning, the half-marathon started 30 minutes before the full, so I headed to the Start Line with them and could tell she was a little nervous. But if there’s one word to describe this girl it’s tenacious. Personally, I was really excited to see how she would do at this distance.

I thought about her the entire time I was running, wondering how she did. If her phone had worked in Canada, I would have been texting her to find out.

After my race was done, I was so excited to see her and find out how she did. She didn’t have a Garmin so she could only guess that it was somewhere around the 2 hour mark. That afternoon, I anxiously kept checking the race web site to see her official results and guess what — she was spot on. She ran it in 2 hrs and 54 seconds!

I am so, so proud of her! This was the first time she’d run that far! She said it was hard but there were so many people spectating, she refused to walk in front of them! ☺

Not only does she hold the family record, she did it without training. Imagine how she could do if she did?!? It’s a good thing we’ll have another opportunity to find out.

That very afternoon, inspired by her performance, her Dad (who I ran the Seattle RnR Half-Marthon with in 2009) registered the both of them for the inaugural Portland Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon, scheduled for May 2012. And of course, her Mom and I will also be joining them.

That being said, she’s already caught the racing bug so I wouldn’t be surprised if she runs a race or two before then. ☺

Sporting her new Lulu jacket I promised her after she finished the race – pretty good incentive, eh? :)

6 Responses to Laler-P Goes The Distance

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  2. Anonymous says:

    you can be officially adopted into the family :)

    btw – I saw that it might rain at B2B…I may need to get a new long-sleeve top for it :)

  3. Roadbunner says:

     Don’t you love people who can pull awesome races out with no training :P  Congrats to your cousin.  AND, I’d like to officially sign up as your cousin so that I can receive lulu jackets after half marathons, too )

  4. Anonymous says:

    i can’t believe you eat GU for breakfast now, silly girl! can’t wait to see what your next race will be!

  5. steena says:

    Wow, she did really amazing for lack of training! Congrats to both of you! Great race photos too!

  6. Malia240 says:

    Aw Kemi that was such a nice blog! I feel so special :) I had a blast in Vancouver! Can’t wait to run another one with you! I wanna do bay to breakers or whatever it’s called lol p.s I live in my lulu jacket! Thank you! :) oh and I ate the goo for breakfast the other day lol

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