Week 3: January 15-21, 2012

Well, I’m slowly coming out of depression over the 49ers loss. I watched the game with my cousins and friends. We all love this team so much, and after such an inspiring season, it was a tough loss to take. More than anything, my heart breaks for the Niner Defense – best defense I have ever seen. Justin Smith and Patrick Willis absolutely inspire me.

Sunday, January 15

Rest Day

Rest Day

After the Niners win in the NFC Divisional game, I was so emotionally spent, I felt like I had no energy going into the week. I felt “off” and the mojo just wasn’t flowing.

Monday, January 16

Strength Training
1-hr Bike Trainer

Strength Training

I took advantage of the MLK holiday and met Trainer Dave (also a life long 49er fan) at Seal Point for an outdoor workout.

3 sets of:
– 10 TRX Atomic push-ups
– 10 TRX body rows
– 10 TRX one-legged squats w/body rows

3 sets of 5 laps of stairs (50 stairs up, 50 stairs down):
– 1st: 3:16
– 2nd: 3:12
– 3rd: 3:08
*1-min rest in-between sets

2 hill repeats:
– 1st: 00:31
– 2nd: 00:29
*1-min rest in-between sets

Tuesday, January 17

5-mile Run, Speed Work

6.18-mile Run, Speed Work

So the actual running time was 5-miles, but factor in the recovery times in between intervals and you end up with 6.18 miles. It wasn’t the greatest run. I thought it would only be 5-miles so I misjudged the time and got stressed out when it took longer. I thought I was going to be late for evening plans with RoadBunner and Audrey. The evening plans all worked out, but overall, I just didn’t feel good during this run. It felt forced, I didn’t feel in control, and my calves were killing me from running stairs the day before.

Wednesday, January 18

Strength Training
1-hr Bike Trainer

1-hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga
30-min Bike Trainer
1-hr Strength Training

I need to remember that triple workout days wipe me out, physically *and* mentally.

Strength Training Workout:

3 1-min planks
3 1-min side planks on each side

5-sets of:
10 push-ups
10 squats with shoulder presses holding 10 lb weights
10 sumo squats with KB overhead presses using 20 lb KB
10 lateral arm raises holding 5 lb weights
10 hamstring curls on fitness ball
10 jack knives
**1-min rest in between sets

None of the workouts were particularly overpowering, but all 3 in one day was just too much. The rest of the week went downhill from here. And can I just say how bored I am on the Bike Trainer?!? I’m so over it right now.

Thursday, January 19

6-mile Run

5-mile Run
Bikram Yoga

I felt wrecked from Wednesday and could only manage 5-miles. And even then, it felt so hard. I figured since I had banked a mile on Tuesday’s run, I could cut this one short.

To try and snap out of the funk, I went to a Silent Bikram Yoga class. It helped loosen up some tight muscles and work out some aches, but I still felt blah.

Friday, January 20

Strength Training

Unplanned Rest Day

I worked from home and needed a Fat Dog Day.

(Fat Dog Day = days where you do nothing but lay around, read magazines, watch TV/movies and eat all day. Must have at least one per week…)

Saturday, January 21

11-mile Run

11.33-mile Run

This was my first double-digit run since CIM on December 4th. I would like to say it went well. If you look at the average pace per my Garmin of 9:22 min/mile, you would think it did.

Truth was, it was a stormy weekend. I ran along the Bay where the winds were 20+ mph. It was miserable. I had to stop several times when my hat flew completely off (this happened about 4 times), when the dust and sand kept blowing in my eyes and mouth, and when I had to stop and put on a jacket when it down poured. I love running in the rain, but running in soaking wet clothes in the wind is not fun – at all.

I was supposed to run 2 of the 11 miles at a 9:10 min/mile pace. They ended up being sub-9. I think mostly because I just wanted the whole darn thing over with.

One thing to note, I decided to try out some new nutritional products so this was my second longer run eating an Accel-Gel and the first one drinking Accelerade. The good news is that neither upset my stomach and both tasted okay. The neutral news is, I didn’t feel any different from the other products that I had been taking. I plan to continue experimenting with these and see how it goes.

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  1. Hello Audrey – I’m a newbie runner (started in July last year) – I think I may have found your blog through reading some other running blogs by folks in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been reading for some time but this is my first time commenting. I’ve found your race reports super helpful and your weekly recaps of your training motivational and inspirational as well. I love the concept of the Fat Dog Day – would like to implement one for myself soon (but we have a doggie of our own, so the day would have to be slightly amended with some walk/ park jaunts with the puppy).  Anyway – keep up with the awesome work – if I see you at an upcoming race (my husband and I are doing the Kaiser Half) I’ll try to make sure to say hello.

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