Here’s a little PSA Tip for you:

Your average mattress is only good for 5-7 years.

Yeah, I had no idea either and my mattress is almost 14 years old. FOURTEEN! I should have gone through 2 or 3 mattresses by now, which probably explains why, for the past several months I’ve been waking up every morning feeling like I’ve been hit by a train. It absolutely sucks to start your day out feeling achy, crabby and out of whack – all the time.

I didn’t realize how bad my bed was until I went to Hawai’i. I felt a thousand times better sleeping on a hotel bed. I’m sure waking up to this view didn’t hurt either…

…but after just one night there I realized that I was waking up feeling so good that I was out the door for a run within 30 minutes of waking up. I used to be able to do that at home but since I had been waking up feeling so cruddy, not so much lately.

After spending just one night in my old bed upon my return home, I realized that I couldn’t deal with it any longer. I had grand plans to spend my Saturday running in the City, but I scrapped those plans to go mattress shopping instead. After doing much online research and phone calling on Friday, I put together my game plan and set out on Saturday, on a mission to find the perfect bed. I lucked out and found the one on my very first stop at Sleep Train.

I had taken their online “Mattress Quiz” before shopping so I had an idea of what kind of mattress I wanted. In the end, I settled on a Sealy Plush, the recommended mattress for back and side sleepers (the one I was replacing was a Firm mattress – another something new I learned…).

By that evening the old mattress was hauled away and the new mattress was set up. They say it can take 8 weeks for your body to adjust to the new mattress, but after just 2 nights I already feel like a new person. The train wreck is gone.

{Also, for those of you in the Bay Area who listen to those Sleep Train radio commercials, if you mention the radio station, you really do get a discount!}

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  1. Jolene says:

    14 years?! Wow! No wonder why!! It makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? So glad you got yourself a better bed!!!

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