In 2007 I started this personal blog as a way to document my solo trip through Europe for my friends and family. I learned that I loved it (Europe and blogging!) and continued writing long after my trip ended.

My posts from 2007-2008 are a lot of random musings that likely only my mother read.

In 2008 I ran my first half-marathon and fell in love with the Finish Line. I was obsessed and quickly signed up for another race, and another, and another. So it was only natural for this blog to transition to a running blog, and it's how I became involved in the local San Francisco Bay Area running community.

But too much of one thing is never good. I was fit but so very unbalanced. 

I was always injured - one leg was longer than the other; one high was higher than the other. I had a lot of GI problems, not only while running. 

Running is mostly what I blogged about from 2008-2015(ish).

After a lot of research, my doctors informed me that I had "gut dysbiosis" also known as an imbalance of more bad vs. good bacteria.

I was frustrated. I was doing all the things I was "supposed to do." Eating healthy (hello, I gave up my precious steel cut oatmeal and went gluten-free and dairy-free!), exercise (was 3-a-day workouts not enough?!) and made sure I was burning more calories than I ate.

So why did I feel so...UNWELL. I was tired all the time. My body constantly ached. My gut was a hot mess, and I couldn't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. Plus, my weight was slowly creeping up after I worked so hard to drop 40+ lbs that I'd managed to keep off for more than ten years. 

What the eff was going on?!?

So I got curious and went to nutrition school and became a certified Holistic Health Coach. I started school wanting to learn more about what was going on with my health and how to repair my body. But I graduated wanting to help the world!

So I started a side-hustling health coaching practice at Live FAB Life. 

Everything I've learned since then has made this blog, well, #thethingsIthoughtIknew. It's pretty much a case study of what NOT to do.

I write about health and wellness and specific topics like overtraining, gut health, Adrenal Fatigue, SIBO, Leaky Gut Syndrome and thyroid disorders, all things I experience over at Life FAB Life.

But I still love The Tao of Me, my original internet home, before there was even MySpace! Though I don't post here often (I know, hardly at all), I do want it to continue to be a case study of my life.

Now you'll find me writing about starting a business, life in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, and A LOT about Coco Pop, my Pom-a-Poo (pomeranian + poodle), who I actually think is a Schnoodle (Schnauzer + poodle). Yes, I'm obsessed. 

If you're a long-time reader, Hi, thanks for still reading!

If you're new, Hi, I'm very random, often go on tangents, and value in sensibility and efficiency.

I believe that truth = freedom. Welcome to the case study of my life.

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