10 miles

so yesterday was our last long run before the race. after this, we taper and rest till race day.

we revisited sawyers camp, this time with the goal of 10 miles and the weather working against us. it was cold and rainy, but we said, rain or shine, we'd do it.

last weekend, the hand-held water bottle and zone bar didn't really work well for me, so during the week, i went to the running store and spent a full hour selecting a new running belt that has 2 water bottles, so i don't have to carry my drink in my hand (which hurts my shoulder).

i also got some GU. GU is a pouch filled with gel. it has carbs which fuels your body during a long run. the gel texture makes it easy to eat - no chewing required. my nify little running belt had a pouch to hold my keys and my GU so i was all set.

the weather was overcast and a little misty; i.e. perfect running weather. because it had rained, it was a little warmer than the previous weekend. we got off to a great run. i mean really good. we were averaging under a 10-minute mile (per my garmin 305) which is pretty fast for us. i for sure thought we would taper as we went the distance but we didn't.

my running belt worked great. the water bottles were easy to get in/out and i alternated each side to even out the weight. and like the running store sales kid told me, "very little bounce-age."

having experienced the hills last week, they weren't so bad this time. they didnt seem nearly as long. BUT that last steep hill, was a still killer. i'm sure it will be every time.

as we made the turn, i reached back for my GU. i had only bought "plain-flavored" GU at the advice of jerri, my experienced running friend. i mean, the whole concept of GU didn't seem that appealing so i figured "plain" was the safe flavor to stay with, right? WRONG. i ripped open the GU packet and took a big bite of it. i swear, i almost barfed. it is the most disgusting thing i've ever tasted. ever. its worst than eggs. i turned around to veronica and yelled, "this is so gross!" forgetting that i had headphones on and everyone else could hear me yelling.

at that point, i was screwed because that's all the food i had. i had nothing else to boost my caloric intake. so i held on to the GU in my hand and forced myself to take tiny sips of it just to get me thru the second half. i totally felt the difference in not taking in those calories. this time, the second half was much harder than last week. and, to top it off, the rain arrived between mile 6.5-7 and POURED down on us. we were drenched, but at that point, barely noticed.

i lagged behind veronica who was rocking. i mean, i was lagging at a 9:48 pace and she was a good number of paces ahead of me. she had to have been close to a 9ish pace.

as we made the final turn, we ran into the wind. running against the wind is not fun. i almost cried. i was so beat down - drenched, pain in my quads and hips (not feet though) and so weak from no GU. but as we crossed the finish, the post-race endorphins set in and felt so good.

the results?

total distance: 10 miles
total time: 1:42:21.24
avg pace: 10:17/mi
avg speed: 5.8 mph
max speed: 8.2 mph

so that's it. last long run till 11.09.2008. big sur, rain or shine, here we come.