12-miles. The Last Long One.

I did a 12-mile run this weekend, the last long one before Vegas. The Night Before...

  • I was hurting from Thursday's run. I really wasn't sure if I could run 12 on Saturday. I did a lot of stretching and rolling and lathered myself in arnica. I decided to see how I felt when I woke up but would still prepare myself as if I was going to run in the morning.
  • I indulged in a delish semi-carb load dinner from the Crepevine. The "San Francisco" is my favorite - salmon/spinach/capers crepe with potatoes.
  • After dinner I wandered across the street to Lululemon (surprised?). I was looking for a colorful shirt for the race, because, well, I'm tired of wearing black and grey all the time. I was talked into getting the "Run:Hills Pullover." I thought it might be too hot, but I ran the 12 with it on and it was perfect; light-weight and so comfy.


The best two things about it?

  1. It was on clearance.
  2. It has these pockets on the sleeve that I can pull over my hands to keep them warm.


I'm so happy I found my race shirt! And to quote Courtney from the Lulu Bgame store,

"There will be no black and grey pics of you crossing the finish line this time around, it's purple stripes for Vegas baby!"

The Run...

  • I woke up feeling ok. A little stiff, but ok enough to do some kind of runnin'. I wasn't sure if it would be 12-miles but I'd just go as far as my body would let me.
  • It was 49 degrees. Perfect.
  • I've started to compile my race play list and was excited to test it out.
  • My legs felt heavy and I knew right away that it was not going to be a great run. I didn't think it would be bad, but knew that it wasn't going to be anything stellar. I ended up walking at four different times over the course of the run, something I've never done before. But if I didn't stop to walk, I don't think I would have been able to finish. During one of the times that I stopped to walk I saw this deer. It was pretty cool so I didn't feel too bad about walking (this time).


  • Mile 4.5 starts an uphill climb. It levels out at Mile 5 that sits right on top the San Andreas Fault (or so the sign said).



  • Miles 5-6 is uphill again. I was dying. The only thing that kept me going was the promise of a downhill on the turnaround.
  • My hamstring did hurt some but not enough to make me stop. What did hurt though was my feet! It started at Mile 10 and was screaming the entire last two miles. I forgot how that happens towards the end of a race. But on the bright side, no numbness this time!
  • I finished in 2 hrs 7 mins and 11 seconds with an average pace of 10:36 min/mile. Not exactly the time I wanted but I'm banking on the energy of the race and flatness of the course to run a faster time in Vegas.




  • After I was done I walked for about 15-minutes and then stretched for another 15, then just laid in the sun for about 10. It felt so good. There's a mysterious person who plays the bagpipes at the trail every weekend. I have no idea who this person is and have never seen him, but it is really calming and peaceful to listen to after a run.
  • On the way home I stopped at Whole Foods to get lunch and 2 bags of ice for an ice bath. I took the back roads home and caught every single red light possible. By the time I got home I could feel my legs starting to stiffen.
  • I fixed myself a banana/frozen strawberries/peanut butter/chocolate milk smoothie and jumped in the ice bath where this time I lasted through three catalogs - REI, Victoria Secret and J Crew.
  • I spent the rest of the day doing the RICE thing and rolling and stretching. I had no soreness until I woke up on Sunday to sore quads. Nothing more rolling and Naproxen didn't fix.

The Numbers... 12 - Number of miles I ran 11 - Number of approximate bikers that almost took me out while running 10 - The mile at which my feet started to hurt 9 - The mile that I started to get tired at (happens to be the number of miles I ran last week too) 8 - Number of new songs I added to my play list this week 7 - My favorite mile - downhill! 6 - Number of times I drank Grape Propel (every 2 miles) 5 - The mile that sits right atop the San Andreas Fault 4 - Number of times I walked 3 - The song by Britney Spears that I repeated three times in a row. Yes, I did. 2 - Number of Chocolate Outrage Gu's that I ate at Miles 4.5 and 9 1 - One Republic's song "Good Life". Someone recommended this song on their blog. I can't which blog, but whoever it was, thank you! Its a new favorite!

I'm more anxious for this race, than any other one I've done before. I just wish race day would get here already. 13 days and counting!