12 Weeks and 30-days

As Alyssa pointed out to me this morning, this week marks 12-weeks till our next marathon (!!!) and for me, it's also exactly 30-days till my Hawai'i vacation! I usually save strength training workouts for sessions with Trainer Dave, which is usually limited to once a week. But the reality of long runs, beaches and more importantly bathing suits in my very near future suddenly hit me.

So after work, instead of coming home and plopping down on my old uncomfortable couch, I forced myself to do some strength training on my own. For some reason, I can motivate myself to run for hours, yet I cannot do any significant strength training on my own. So the fact that this workout even happened tonight is nothing short of a miracle.

Oh, before the main workout I also jumped rope for a teensy bit (like 1-min). RoadBunner and I have a challenge to jump rope for 30-seconds 3x's/week then increase the time from there. Last week I only did it once. Today I had to double bounce in-between revolutions. Things can only improve from here.

This was tonight's main set:

The first 3 exercises are pretty manageable but the TRX Burpee pretty much did me in. I could not manage to do the jump after each push-up because I kept falling over. I really need to work on this.

But I did manage to complete 2 rounds of this and found that it was a quick way to do a total body workout.

I finished up the workout with some lunges (good lord why are lunges so hard), kettle bell sumo squats, hip adductor band pulls and single-leg bridges.

Now if I can only get a handle on my snacking (to be continued...)