1H 2011 Races

I am so easily influenced by others. Seriously, I am. Today was no exception. It went something like this: Elise: My runner friend and her running group are running the Brazen Racing Coyote Hills race. Me: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Elise: I would be willing to do it if you are...

Next thing I know, I’m signed up for the half, and she’s signed up for the 5K.

That makes a total of 6 races that I am registered for between now and May:

January 29: Coyote Hills Half Marathon - Fremont, CA • In addition to Elise, Ron and Jess are also running this race.

February 19: Bay Breeze Half Marathon – San Leandro, CA • Another Brazen race (they put on really good races). • This will be the second time I’m running this race, and the third time I’m running this course. • My friend Mark is running it…and I think Ron said he is too.

March 5: Run for Ryan House Half Marathon – Scottsdale, AZ • This is my second year running this race. • It’s another excuse to go to Spring Training! This will be the first of my two trips to the desert this March.

March 27: Oakland Half Marathon – Oakland, CA • I had such a fun time volunteering at this race last year that I knew I wanted to run it this year. Oaktown really comes out to support!

May 15: Bay to Breakers – San Francisco, CA • I actually hate this race because of all the crazies that come out for it. It seriously is one of the worst days to be in the City. BUT, it is the 100th year anniversary so I decided to run it just for that reason. I anticipate that it will be the one and only time that I will. I just want the 100 yr medal…

May 1st: BMO Vancouver Marathon – Vancouver, BC

This is a full marathon and I am so excited to run it. I love British Columbia! The weather is mild, the City is clean and the people are so friendly. The course runs through the City as well as beautiful Stanley Park! Dr Eva (my chiro) is from BC and fully endorses this race.

Oh and the best part? My friend Jerri is coming along to run the half-marathon….

AND, so is my cousin Lauren!


{my favorite photo of us, with marie, sailing on the san francisco bay}

Lalers (what I like to call her) is a sprinter and hurdler who ran NCAA Division I track. She clocks sub-7 minute miles and runs like a deer. She obviously got all the good genes in our family.

I’ve been nagging her for years to run a race with me, but she always says that she’s a sprinter and her long runs are 3-miles, insisting she’s never run anything longer.

But over the holidays, I must’ve caught her in a good mood or something because she committed to doing the race but wouldn’t announce which distance until the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. And right on cue, shortly after 12 am I got a text that said, “Sign me up for the half!” And I did before she could change her mind!

Now I’m working on recruiting more family members to join us (hint to the rest of Laler's family). ☺ Hey, if I can be easily influenced, so can they! Same genes, remember?

So now you know what I’ll be doing for the next 5 months…so far :)