I've been doing all of my long runs on Saturday's, admittedly so that I wouldn't miss any NFL games. But with the 49ers not playing on Sunday for a few weeks we decided to switch my long runs to Sundays for the last two weeks before Race Day. I was a little worried about how the run would go after eating nothing but crap yesterday. I even deviated from my usual Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl pre-long run dinner.

I slept like a baby last night and had a difficult time getting up this morning. I started running 30-min later than planned but the weather cooperated and it was cool and breezy the entire time.

I started out feeling good - really good. But I forced myself to dial back my natural pace by 30-35 seconds. I was determined not to feel like death by the end of the run.

At first I planned to run four 5-mile loops. But let's be honest, there's no way I could have dealt with the monotony. So I improvised, running two 6-mile loops for the first 12 miles.

The miles ticked off like clockwork and could not have gone better.

I started the third and final loop (stretched it out for 8-miles) and continued to feel great until Mile 15. 

My R foot has been nagging me for a few weeks. It doesn't hurt, but it feels off, like if I take a wrong step something could go wrong. It's the same area where I sprained it a year and a half ago. I'm hoping it's just old scar tissue moving around and I've been doing some foot strengthening exercises for it.

Today I felt it from the get-go but again; it didn't hurt until Mile 15. It started to hurt more on turns but felt normal on straight-aways. Well the route I ran has a lot of sharp turns so it became a thing.

Up until that point I ran music free (and still loved it). But I found myself getting fixated on my foot so I turned on my iPod to distract me from thinking about it. It didn't really work and I finally decided to take a walk break, which really helped my foot but tightened up the rest of my legs. Things got rough after that.

I think it took more energy to finish out those last 5 miles than it did to run the first 15. Seriously. 

But I did it. Finished the run without feeling like death. Mission accomplished.

I actually felt like I still had some gas left in tank. My overall being felt great. IT Band was fine; knee felt great, no foot numbness and even my stomach was a non-issue. My hamstrings (both of them) were screaming, but not in the injured way that it had been feeling the past couple of weeks. Just overall tiredness. As for my foot, its not bruised or swollen or anything. In fact, it felt back to normal shortly after my run. So I'm hoping it just works itself out. It just needs to make it through two more weeks!