20-min At-Home TRX Workout

Trainer Dave is out of town this week so I've had to find alternatives for my strength training workouts. I could have signed up for another TRX Boot camp class, but I only have 5 classes left from my Groupon and I want to stretch them out as much as possible (one per week). So I decided to be a little brave and put together my own workout that I could do at home on my lunch break:

20-min TRX At-Home Workout
20-min TRX At-Home Workout

* Denotes that the TRX was mid-length; at full extension for all other TRX exercises.

Including the 1-min rest break it's exactly 20-minutes long. With additional time to move between each exercise it took a total of 50-minutes.

Here's a quick rundown of the exercises that may need further explanation:

+ TRX I-Lunges: Lunge with arms overhead + TRX T-Lunges: Lunge with arms extended in T-formation + TRX Single Arm Swings: Like a golf swing but one arm at a time + TRX Opposite Arm Lunges: Lunge with opposite arm of lunged leg extended + Rocking Chair: Lying on your back, extend legs at 45-degree angle with toes pointed, extend arms keeping them behind ears, then rock back/ forth + Walkouts: from standing position, walk out to push-up position, do a push-up then push back to standing position


I went through all three sections and was dripping in sweat by the end. I was already tired too but pushed myself to finish a second round. I am definitely going to be feeling this one tomorrow.

Any other at-home strength training workouts to share that I can add to my collection?