2012 Goals and Resolutions

At work, we are asked forced to put together a plan of 3-5 main SMART goals (SMART = Specific Measureable Attainable Realistic Timely Goals) at the start of every fiscal year. Then we have to write action plans on how we are going to achieve each goal. Upon that, we revisit these goals and set mini-goals each quarter that support the main goals.

Source: smart-goal-setting-tips.com via Halaulani on Pinterest

I am not a fan of this process in the work environment (too much work politics to take this process seriously). But ironically, I found myself going through the same process when thinking about the personal goals I would like to set for myself this new year. I've spent a lot of time during this staycation thinking about specific and measurable things that I think I can accomplish in 2012 and came up with 3 resolutions and 5 BHAG’s (BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

Resolutions (Not a goal but a lifestyle change I want to adopt)

Practice meditation regularly

This could also be a BHAG because my mind moves "a-mile-minute" so learning how to focus and slow down will be huge for me. My yoga studio offers Meditation classes that will be a good place to start.

Have more balance

It was recently pointed out to me by non-running friends that in 2011 I was completely absorbed with everything running - running friends, training, races, blog posts and they felt disconnected from me. These are important relationships that I want to continue so I need to find a way to bring it all into balance {Blogger Note: There may be non-running/sports posts to come in 2012...}

Stop the "What If's" and "I Wish's"

When I'm in a yoga class and I see a fellow yogi execute a difficult pose perfectly, I enviously admire them and think "What if" I could do that. Or I'll be catching up with a friend who is so passionately about their job and think "I wish" I had that same connection with my work. I want to change this and stop wishing and wondering, and be a person who makes things happen.


I would like to PR a half-marathon this year.

Ideally I would have liked it to attempt this at the Kaiser Half Marathon on February 5th, but I think I've lost too much fitness in the past month. So I am going to try to attempt this at the Oakland Half Marathon in March.

I would like to complete my next marathon. In 4:30.

I actually think a Finish at 4:30 are doable at my next marathon, which happens to be the Ogden Marathon in Utah on May 19th. It's a downhill course that has received rave reviews and I'm so excited to run it with Alyssa and Courtney! Downhill repeats down California Street!


I would like to learn how to ride my bike, and feel comfortable enough on it to be able to participate in a race.

I’m not going to say my BHAG is to do a triathlon because I have to learn more about the bike and feel comfortable enough before even attempting to use it in a race environment. I know nothing about bikes; I may as well be a 5-year old trying to learn how to take off the training wheels. It's a big deal for me.

I would like to read 25 books in 2012.

Time is my biggest challenge in accomplishing this, but my new iPad makes it realistic and attainable. (Side note: the iPad was by far the best purchase I made in 2011...don't know why it took me so long to get one!)

Build my savings to "X" amount of dollars.

I have a budget, and if I actually stuck to it, I would have easily achieved this goal in 2011, but I didn't. So it's back on the table in 2012.

Secondary Goals

I also have a bunch of secondary goals that I think are fun, and are supportive to help me to accomplish the BHAGs:

1. Save $1 for every mile run in 2012

2. Become friends with the treadmill

I recently read an article in Running Times magazine where Magdelena Lewy-Bouvet talked about doing speed work on the TM because it helps keep her body fresh and intact since she's not getting any younger. Well I'm not that much younger than her, so I think I better start doing what she does. :)

3. Run parts of the SFM course regularly

I feel embarrassed that I live near one of the hilliest cities in the world and am the biggest wimp when it comes to running hills. I want to be better at it and maybe one day, run the SFM Full race so I can cross it off my Bucket List.

4. Practice Gratitude Daily

I actually l created a blog to post one thing every day that I'm thankful for. I never kept it up so I'm trying again and thinking of it as a 365 project. I have a link to it at the top and bottom of this blog.

5. Properly warm-up and cool-down from each workout

6. Respect Rest Days

7. Practice yoga 3-5 times a week

After not doing any yoga for over a week, I realize how critical this is. Not only does this build core strength and flexibility, the cost per class also decreases the more classes I go to, justifying my studio membership.

8. Improve my posture

Stop slouching over the computer!

9. Have a purpose to every workout

10. Stick to using Mint.com

11. Foam roll regularly

12. Learn how to breathe on my left side while swimming

13. And learn another swim stroke in addition to freestyle

14. Keep a more detailed training journal

15. Read Hemingway

It’s a rather long list of mini goals, but all realistic, attainable and changeable. Change happens so I’ll revisit this mini list often to assess how I’m doing and see which, if any items are still viable.