21 Things I Learned in Vegas

1. I learned that I should not wear my Anti-Up shirt in Vegas...no wonder I got so many strange comments... photo3

2. I learned that there's Filipino fast food in Vegas. I can't wait to bring my cousins here!


3. I learned that I have a serious addiction to crepes...had one at least every day in Vegas...savory and sweet.


4. I learned that in Vegas, bottled water from a street vendor is $.75; bottled water at the airport is $2.39; and bottled water in a club is $6...and the cost of 1 pack of Orbitz gum is $2.89....who said Vegas was cheap?

5. I learned that Vegas cab drivers must be transplants from New York...they are constantly honking their horns at other vehicles. And the driver who took me the airport yesterday dropped me off three airlines away from the one I was taking. When I asked him why he did that, he looked at me and said, "just walk the rest of the way..." then held out his hand for a tip.

6. I learned that playing slots in Vegas is all just a tease.


7. I learned that you don't need to go to Italy to see David...


8. I learned that I loved going for a run down the strip. Its a good thing too because the Vegas Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon is now only FIVE weeks away!


9. I leaned that everyone needs a little Amy in their life.

Scene 1: While running down the strip, someone yells at us, "Why do you come to Vegas to run?" Amy: "So we do turn into a fat ass like you!"

Scene 2: Walking thru Caesars Palace and we see random guys wearing Ketchup, Mustard and Hot dog costumes Amy: "So you guys know that if you keep wearing those costumes, you have zero chance of getting laid right?" Random Guys look at each other, mumbling, a little stunned she said that to them. Amy (to me and De): "See, no comeback, they know I'm right."

10. I learned that the Mandara Spa in Planet Hollywood is one of the best I've been too in a long time. I think I might have lost consciousness during my treatments.


11. I learned that the best way to see the Strip is by scooter...just like these guys.


12. I learned that there must be lot of guys (and girls) in Vegas who have Turrets or something...all they do is slap their fingers on these fliers of naked girls and then try to get you take one.

13. I learned that the best costumes are ones where you aren't really sure if they are a costume or the real thing...case in point (but no photo of): a guy with hair like the Ultimate Warrior, wearing dangling earrings, a women's blouse, jeans and heels, carrying a beer bottle. We thought it was a costume, but he was walking alone, stumbling along...was it really a costume? Here's us in ours...




14. I learned that when you can't make it as a reality show star, you end up hosting parties at Vegas clubs. Case in point -- Corey Haim.


15. I learned that I get excited to see Jerry Springer in person. After all, he is a DWTS alum!


16. I learned that in Vegas, its OK for people to drink beer at 10 am because with the time change, it was really 11 am.

17. I learned that the Bellagio is by far, my most favorite hotel in Las Vegas. Its clean, classy and beautiful.



18. I learned that one of the most beautiful places in Vegas is the Conservatory in the Bellagio. I can't wait to see is decorated for Christmas!




19. I learned that patisseries make me happy. And although, not as good as the ones in Paris, the patisserie in the Bellagio is pretty darn close...



20. Speaking of Paris, I learned that I can visit the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas and it will emote my memories of the real one.


21. And most of all, I learned that its so much fun to go to Vegas with old and new friends!



So Con te partiro Vegas, I'll be back in 5 weeks to run the Strip!