29 Days

{I purposefully didn't blog yesterday because of April Fool's Day. Call me a grinch, but I am not a fan of it. I think it's rather silly. As suspected I read a few "April Fool's" blog posts and just decided I didn't want any of it.}

Yesterday's Workout:

AM: 2800 meters swimming

Today is a rest day. It's my second week of having a rest day on a Saturday.

Last weekend I had to go to the Oakland Running Festival expo, but today, I have no plans. Nothing. Nada.

It feels weird. It makes me feel restless, like maybe I should go for a walk, or do yoga. But I really want it to be a rest day because I have a 19-miler planned for tomorrow. So instead, I'll use this day to relax at home and do those projects around the house that I've been putting off for months. Maybe even years. A trip to IKEA may even be in the works.

Yesterday marked exactly one month until the BMO Vancouver Marathon. In 29 days I will be towing the line with my cousin Lauren and my friend Jerri. Here's a course preview that I've found:

BMO - Vancouver Marathon Sundog Course Video from BMO Vancouver Marathon on Vimeo.

I love Vancouver! I'm looking forward to running in Stanley Park, and I hope the weather is just as cold that day as it looks in the video! :)


30-day Blogging Photo Challenge

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

I have way too many favorite memories to pick just one, so here are 2:

1. Sailing on the San Francisco Bay with Lauren and her friend Marie. They were on a post-freshman year road trip and we did the "San Francisco Thing" and played tourist in the City the entire day. One of the most fun days I've ever had.


2. Lauren and I with a few of our other siblings and cousins. For some strange reason, we love to take photos of us jumping: