2H 2011 Race Schedule

I figured out my race schedule for the second half of 2011 a couple of weeks ago, but felt awkward posting it while I was on the DL. But since I'm feeling happy about tonight's test run, I decided to share it now before I see the podiatrist tomorrow, in case he puts me back on the DL. :)

July 31 - San Francisco Marathon:

SFM has 3 races - the 1st Half that runs across the Golden Gate Bridge, the 2nd Half that runs through the City and the Full. Like last year, I signed up for the 1st Half, but this time I had the intention of training for the full, then if the training went well, I'd upgrade to the Full. It's easier to upgrade than downgrade (and let's be honest, it's unlikely to sell out....San Francisco hills and all...). Clearly I'm not in any shape to train for a Full right now so I'll just be sticking with the original plan and repeating the 1st Half. I thought about switching to the 2nd Half, but for the cost of this race, I'd rather run across the GGB.

August 27 - Giant Race:

I am an SF Giants fan so *of course* I am running this race! I signed up for the Half again. This year it's 2 1/2 months later than last year, but I'm hoping it's not as warm this time around.

September 18 - Moo Cow Half-Marathon:

RoadBunner told me about this inaugural race in Petaluma where they're giving out cowbell medals! The registration was really cheap if you registered in a group of 4, so RoadBunner put our group together and we're in! Sounds like it will be a fun race!

September 25 - Half Moon Bay Half-Marathon:

Yes, this is the week following Moo Cow. Half-Moon Bay is practically in my back yard! There aren't ever any races on the Peninsula so I *had* to sign up for this hometown race. The race itself is along the coastal trail in Half Moon Bay and the participant field is limited to 500 people for all races (5K, Half and Full). I'm really looking forward to this one.

October 16 - Nike Women's Marathon:

Again, only running the Half. A bunch of us entered the lottery as a group. If one person got selected then the entire group would be too. We lucked out and got in! Unlike HMB, this one is a HUGE race (I think it's one of the largest ones in the country). I'm not a huge fan of the course (I hate where the Finish Line is), but I feel like I need to do this at least once in my lifetime...and I want the Tiffany's necklace!

December 4 - California International Marathon (CIM):

CIM will be my next marathon.

I really contemplated running the Honolulu Marathon; it's the following week and would have coincided with a family wedding. But as the temps got warmer, I was reminded of how much I don't like running in the heat, let alone humidity. I had already missed out on the Kama'aina (local) rate (a $35 entry fee) so I decided to by pass this one for now. Sorry Honolulu, it'll have to be for another time.

Instead, I'll be running in Sacramento where it should be nice and frigid in December. It's a decent size race (which I prefer), and close to home (minimal travel expenses). Plus I'll be training in the Fall, bypassing the summer heat.

I also convinced my friend Missy to run it with me. It's also 5 days before my birthday and 3 days after hers so this is going to be our birthday party!

Since my race schedule is loaded toward the second half of the year, I'm not that worried about my foot injury right now and am more than okay with cross-training like crazy and giving it time to heal. It can take all the time that it needs, as long as it's ready for when I really need it to come through for me!