30-Day Challenges

The other day I googled something like “chronically tight hamstrings” (because mine always are) and found this gem of a web site. In the video its explains that tight hamstrings are a result of a weak core because when the core isn’t strong enough the hamstrings have to do the work to control the hips.

So when you have a stiffer (stronger) core, it will decrease stiffness in the hammys.

At 1:50 in the video you see a hamstring stretch that my physical therapists + massage therapists + chiropractor (Team NJ!) always has me do. My range of motion is usually always good when they stretch me, but when I raise my leg on my own, I can never bring it as high (exactly like what happens in the video).

Since apparently my core isn’t strong enough I am doing another attempt at this 30-day Abs Challenge that Jo instagrammed last month.


I started this challenge in October and it lasted about 4 days until I traveled to TCM in Minneapolis. Once I was there I couldn’t bring myself to lie on a hotel room floor (gross!) to do these exercises. Then when I got home I never resumed them.

So I started it again last Fri, Nov 1 and I’m giving it another go. Care to join me?


Speaking of 30-day challenges, I’m also doing this Instagram 30-day Photo Challenge


I’ve seen people that I follow participate in these often but this is the first time I’m doing it!

Here's Days 1-4:


1. {Buddha's Head} Fruit 2. I went {running in Fall leaves} last Sat.

3. P is for {Asian} Pear and Pomegranate 4. Table {with candles}

You can join in the fun, or follow my posts on Instagram.