30-Day Photo Challenge

Workout: AM: Swam 1500 meters PM: Strength Training session with Trainer

I usually just swim freestyle laps (because that is the only stroke I know) for my swim workouts, but today I decided to actually do the workout my coach planned for me. So last night, in preparation, I spent 40 unsuccessful minutes trying to figure out how to program my Garmin from miles to meters.

This morning I couldn’t figure out how to remember the workout (there were 7 different kinds of intervals) so I wrote it down on my hand. I got through about half of it, but by then, the rest of the workout had washed off my hand. So I finished the rest of the workout swimming laps again. I posted a question to Daily Mile asking how to remember swim workouts and I got some great advice to write the workout on an index card and then bringing it to the pool in a zip lock. Genius! That’s what I’m going to do for my next swim session.

My shoulders are still feeling stiff and sore from Monday's workouts, so I got a 30-minute chair massage at work. Every Wednesday a massage therapist comes in and we get to sign-up for a session. Today the therapist really worked out some really tight knots in my neck and shoulders, but I still was smartin’ and begged my trainer to layoff working out those areas during our training session this evening. I got lucky and didn’t have to do any push-ups; instead he had me do:

- 5 2-min planks - 5 1-min side planks on each side - 5 sets of 10 dead lifts w/ 20# weights in each hand - 5 sets of static lunges w/ 10# weights in each hand - 5 sets of squats w/20# weights in each hand - 5 sets of 20 jack knives

By the end of the session my legs were jelly. Tomorrow’s run should be interesting!


My really good friend De who grew up with me (and promises to start blogging again soon) tagged me in a 30-day Photo Challenge so here goes:

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

10 Random Facts:

1. I have to make my bed every morning. HAVE TO.

2. I studied Japanese for 4 years yet can hardly understand a word of it.

3. I wear Size 5.5-6 shoes, but run in a Size 7.5.

4. There are more patches than original fabric left on my favorite pair of jeans (AG Jeans), but I will still wear them – I just can’t give them up!

5. Although I grew up in Hawai'i, I never learned how to properly swim until I took lessons 2 summers ago and now I’m hooked!

6. I’m always asked if I am training for a triathlon and the answer is “No” because I haven’t been on a bike since I last rode my BMX at age 12.

7. I get really bugged when people don't use the correct "your" and "you're".

8. I’m scientifically challenged and in college I took Physical Science with the English As a Second Language Kids - on purpose.

9. I eat tails on shrimp. I think it’s the best part.

10. I lost my prescription glasses 2 years ago and have yet to replace them. The last eye doctor I saw said that my condition would not get worse for decades so I figure I’m okay for another few years.

Here’s a photo of me from last summer at the beach in Oregon – you know, where Hood-to-Coast ends: