30 for 30

August was rough and I'm glad that it's over. My mind was stressed and my body was sore. It all came to a peak earlier this week when I got a 2-hour massage and still felt like I could have used another 2 hours of it.

Looking back I realize why:

- I am not stretching properly after running. - I haven't taken any ice baths recently after races or long runs. - The only yoga I've done is my Yoga with Runners app, which is clearly not enough for me right now. - I strength-trained only 3 times - in the whole month!

Well it's no wonder I was feeling so sluggish. So, I did what any Type A person would do - I made a plan:

1. TRX


My trainer recently introduced me to TRX. It's what I did for all 3 strength-training sessions in August. At first I was skeptical about it, but turns out I really like it. I think it's an efficient workout, meaning it works multiple muscle groups at the same time. So while I'm doing chest presses, I'm also using stabilizing muscles and working the core as well. It's a nice change from lifting weights (which I was so bored with) and it's portable - I can take it anywhere with me.

I'd like to do one exercise on it every day and then have a more intense workout during my weekly sessions with my trainer. TRX is also based in San Francisco so at some point, I hope to drop-in and take one of their classes.

2. $30 for 30 Yoga


Speaking of dropping into to classes, I purchased a 30-for-$30 deal from a local yoga studio. For $30, I can take unlimited yoga classes for 30 days. My plan is to take as much yoga as I can in the month of September. I may even muster up the courage to take a Bikram class! I'm not a fan of heat, but my muscles are so tight right now, I actually feel like my body is craving it.

After spending all week researching several different local yoga studios I've found one that I think I'll really like. They practice different types of yoga, including restorative, which I love. I'm taking my first class on Saturday and really looking forward to it! My running coach thinks it will also help to strengthen my legs and core, which I'm all for.

I have 2 more half-marathons scheduled in September. I hope that doing these things will help me to feel better going into both races than I did going into my last 2.

So here's to a new month of finding some energy, focus and motivation!