6-Week Challenge


It's been well-documented how much I love TRX workouts. Other than the kettle bell and a couple of light free weights, all of my strength training is done with the TRX. Yet I still haven't fully explored all that it offers. {the TRX Training Center in San Francisco. If there were more parking, I'd visit more often...}

I subscribe to the TRX daily emails where they share How-To videos, new workouts, challenges, etc. A recent email was about a 6-Week Challenge using the TRX Cardio Circuit, Strength and Flexibility Essentials Programs. My interest was piqued so I downloaded the 3 Essential workouts and loved them.

I looked at my calendar and realized that the Oakland Running Festival; i.e., my next half-marathon is 6-weeks out. Perfect Timing! I quickly forwarded the Challenge email to Trainer Dave and told him, "I WANT TO DO THIS!" and got this response:

"We can do this workout but you're going to have to learn all the exercises first. Otherwise we'll never get through it. Let's start going through some of these new exercises this week. Once you have them down we can start the 6 week challenge."

My first reactions was, "Blah! What is he talking about, I can do these NOW!"

So this past Monday night we started the Cardio Circuit workout. We purposefully left out the jump rope; i.e. "cardio" part of the workout so we could review the strength exercises. I hate to admit it but he was right. I didn't know how to do most of the exercises and spent the entire time learning proper form, transitions, etc. We only made it through half of the exercises before calling it a night. It was then that I realized that this Cardio Circuit Essentials workout is no joke. The exercises are challenging and keep your heart rate in Zone 5 with ZERO rest for 60-minutes.

Last night we finished going over the rest of the Cardio Circuit workout. While every exercise engages your core, these particular ones are what I call "core crazy":

• Mountain Climbers • Planks with abductions • Hamstring runners • Side planks • Hip press

Unlike the traditional ways of doing these exercises, the TRX version of these takes the intensity to another level.

I've also now done the TRX Flexibility Essentials program twice on my own. It has lots of dynamic stretching which makes it great for doing before a run. And at the same time, like the other exercises, your core is fully engaged for the entire workout.

Since I'm still learning these workouts, we're modifying the 6-Week Challenge, but the goal is ultimately to be able to do each of them in its entirety by end of March.

And now I have a new motivation for sticking with this. I just booked a Hawaiian vacation that begins 2 days after Oakland! I haven't been home in over 2 years so I'm so looking forward to it! Six weeks and counting to get into bathing suit shape!

And as it turns out, my cousin Becki is also running her very first half-marathon while I'm there:


And now I'm signed up to run it with her!

What's a vacation without a race, right?! :)