Week 25: June 18-24, 2012

Happy Summer! It was a weird week in the Bay Area that started off very warm until the Summer Soltice; then it seemed like Fall arrived - at least for a few days. Not much changed last week. I continue to mix up my workouts with strength training and cardio. I was only to get to one yoga class, but I ran the most miles than I have in the past 6 weeks.

Here's how the week went down:

Mon, 6/18:

Rest Day.

Yoga was actually listed on my schedule but I got a 2-hour Thai Massage which essentially is passive yoga. I expected my IT Band and Piriformis to be my only trouble spots during the massage. Turns out, I had a lot more than anticipated and it turned out to be another mind-numblingly, painful massage. I accidentally kicked the therapist in the face too - unintended but that's what he gets for inflicting so much pain. :)

Tues, 6/19:

4-mile Run.

I figured since I'd only be out for 4 miles that I didn't need to carry water with me. I should have; it was a warm one. Since I'm still having numbness in my foot, my instructions were to run 1-mile, then walk for a minute to ease the pressure. It was relatively minimal during this run but I felt my Piriformis for the first time while running. So I came home and did a lot of rolling. My PT is having me roll against the wall vs sitting on the ground. I prefer it and find it more effective for me.

Wed, 6/20:

Lunch Time: Vinyasa Yoga Class

Made it to the weekly Vinyasa Yoga class that's held at my office. It's the one class I made it to last week. My instructor had me attempt a handstand, which I have always failed to do. This time was no different. I just do not like inversions.

PM: 1-hr Strength Training

Since it was the Summer Solstice, I met Trainer Dave out at Seal Point for an outdoor evening workout. I did a TRX Circuit, then ran 1 hill sprint. I had forgotten my compression knee brace and didn't feel comfortable running without it so I just did the one sprint to experiment. It felt good and it's something that I want to do more of, but I definitely still need to use the brace.

Thurs, 6/21:

AM: 1-hr Spin Class

PM: 4-mile Run

Just as hot as it was on Tuesday, it was Fall-like weather on Thursday. I learned my lesson from Tuesday and brought my small handheld water bottle with me. I had some foot numbness in the very beginning of the running and then nothing until the last half mile when it was pretty "thick." I am supposed to stop and walk when I feel *any* numbness but I was in a good rhythm and was almost done so I didn't. :/

Fri, 6/22:

AM: RunFit Visit #3

I had my 3rd visit at the RunFit Clinic. You can read about my first 2 visits here. During this visit we reviewed the past week and then the PT had me go through a series of the PT exercises she had assigned. I've been doing them at least once, often twice, a day. She liked the effort so she gave me 5 more exercises to incorporate.

Then she did the Graston-like therapy on my IT Band.

PM: 50-min Stair Climber

That evening (yes, on a Friday night), I went to the gym and did a 50-min Stair Climber workout. I felt great, but when I came home, I noticed this:


Apparently the morning's Grastone-like therapy session was the most intensive of the 3 I've had so far. At the end of the session the PT had told me that my leg was quite hot and I should ice it and not foam roll it for 4 days, but I did not expect this huge bruise to appear. You can't tell in the photo, but it was just bright, bright red. It scared me, but everyone who I sent it to that evening reassured me that I'd live. Since then it's turned to a dull black and purple.

Sat, 6/23:

5-mile Run

Not a good one. I started later than I would have liked which meant it was warmer. I felt tired and had achiness in my knee. I hadn't felt it *while* running in a while which disappointed me. I'm going to chalk it up to still being tender from the PT session. I had a lot more foot numbness as well which meant I was forced to walk more than the instructed 1-mile. I tried not to be stubborn or egotistical reminding myself that it would be best in the long run.

Sun, 6/24:

Rest Day. I had a late Saturday night and was super tired today so I am switching my schedule and doing today's workout on tomorrow's Rest Day. At least I hope I do...

Not the most ideal week, but it's the most I've run in 6 weeks so...progress. I think this photo is a good expression of how I'm feeling right now.