Broken Wheel

Two months ago I injured myself with a hamstring strain. Everyone asks me how it happened, but I don’t think there was a specific event. hamstrings

I’d been working out twice a day, five days a week, plus once on Saturday and Sunday. I would go two weeks without a rest day, and I must admit, I felt proud of it. I was always thinking about my next workout.

Then I had sign up for the inaugural Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon and had to add race training to my already crazy workout regimen. Clearly, I was overdoing it and my hammy finally said, “enough is enough.”

I went to see my primary care physician who diagnosed me with a hamstring strain (duh, I told her that) and gave me a prescription for naproxen. When I asked her how I should cut back on my activities, she said, just don’t do anything that hurts.

Never having a hamstring injury, plus getting vague advice from my PCP, I tried to guide myself through treatment. I had two 90 minute sessions with my certified sports massage therapist, Heather Hindmarsh. She worked my hamstring with bio-freeze[asa]B0013G8C3W[/asa], lavender oil [asa]B00014DGCO[/asa], hot rocks, and arnica montana[asa]B001G7QHOE[/asa]. She gave me great advice on how to treat myself at home. This was a good thing.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t know what types of workouts I should do and what I should stop doing. I tried to treadmill running and spinning. These were bad things because my body was too injured for these activities. In fact, I probably made it worse. I know I did.

After two weeks of no improvement, I went to see a Sports Medicine doctor, which is what I should have done from the beginning. The Sports Med doc added a hip strain and misaligned IT Band and pelvis to my diagnosis. I was referred to physical therapy for 7 weeks of treatment. This was a good thing.

Using Yelp, I selected Aero Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine[ad] as my PT clinic. They have been fantastic in every way. They deserve their own post (coming soon). After two weeks of treatment from them, I finally started seeing results. I’ve spent the past four weeks working toward a single goal – to get healed enough to run the race.

I'm now two weeks out from the race. These last two weeks of preparation are critical. I’ll need to spend all my free time running and rehabbing. Of course, I’ll find time to keep you updated on my progress!

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