a conversation with jasmine

i'm slightly injured so i took today off from running and instead, i went over to aunty's house after work to pick up jasmine and drop her off at home. on the way home, we had an interesting (and amusing) conversation. here's my favorite excerpts:

'omi: jazzy, who's my mommy?
jasmine: uhhh, aunty bobbie
'omi: who's my daddy?
jasmine: uhhh, troy?
'omi: nooooo, uncle earl
jasmine: oooohhhh

'omi: jazzy, who's your tita?
jasmine: my juju my tita

'omi: who hits homeruns?
jasmine: BARRY BONDS! (while raising her arms in the air)
then she started to sing, "buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks..."

'omi: who's your friends?
jasmine: uhhhh, frankie!
'omi: who else?
jasmine: lucas!
'omi: who else?
jasmine: baba doosh!
'omi: who's baba doosh?
jasmine: dats aaron!

'omi: how does bar-bar go?
jasmine: ROAR! (Barkley is her mean cat)
'omi: how does kobs go?
jasmine: MEOWWWW! while licking her arm (Kobe is her nice cat)
'omi: how does mommy go?
jasmine softly snores
'omi: how does daddy go?
jasmine loudly snores
'omi: how does jazzy go?
jasmine: "i wan' gabba..."

as we drove up to her house she goes, "bye house, we go yogurtouille"

yep, that's how jazzy rolls...