a 'lil bit of heaven

if you're like me, an office worker by day and a 'puter-holic by night, you've probably developed all kinds of knots and tightness in your shoulders, neck and forearms....

i get a chair massage at work every wednesday which helps but not nearly enough. and heather hindmarsh, my miracle massage person lives in danville so i can't see her as often as i would like. this, with my leg injuries makes me a big mess!

so last week i ordered the theracane. its a u-shaped self-massager that has knob-holes to get into those tightly knotted areas.

when i got home tonight, it was waiting for me on my porch. i squealed (yes, i did) in excitement, ripped the package open and i immediately put it to use.

its is a little piece of heaven. my shoulder feels better already. i will be carrying this thing around with me 24x7. seriously.