a red carpet experience

i'm one of hundreds of thousands of travelers trying to get to my family for christmas. and with just my luck, my destination, portland, oregon, had a major snow dump.

so last night, in anticipation of a long delay, i used a coupon to get a one-day pass to united's red carpet room. i'd experienced it before with carrie (years ago), and figured it would be a lot more comfortable than sitting at the gate, battling other passengers for an electrical outlet.

i'd been tracking sfo - pdx flights all day and was cautiously optimistic because the previous 3 direct flights were all on time.

when i got to the airport, there was shockingly, no line at check-in. in fact, the whole check-in and security process took a whopping 11 minutes! i was feeling very happy and headed straight for the red carpet room, grabbed some free snacks and jumped online (free internet access too!) only to find out that my flight was delayed till 11:49. omg. were they kidding?!? my normal bedtime is 9 pm.

suddenly, the red carpet pass seemed totally worth it.

there's no food food in here, other than fruit, crackers, cheese and cherry tomatoes, but at least its healthy and i'm filling up on it (it is free...). there's free drinks and a westin "renewal" area that i will be checking out shortly since i have 4 more hours to kill.

red carpet. totally worth it. i might have to buy an annual pass.