A Spectators View

If I didn't run a race, can I still write a race report? :) Because its a lot different being on the spectator's side.... Yvette and I watched the race in support of our friend (and instructor) Doris, who ran today's race less than three months after having a baby. She is amazing! We made pretty signs for her (and all of other friends running the race) and stationed ourselves right under the course split sign - literally underneath it. Here we were in the middle of:

- drummers revving the athletes - full marathon runners splitting from half marathon runners - families and friends anxiously waiting to see and cheer on their loved ones



We witnessed many poignant moments that tugged at our hearts and brought tears to our eyes:

- parents from Tulsa waving at their daughter and then hugging each other with emotion after she had passed by - dads pushing strollers with babies in support of the moms who were running - fathers running along side their daughters, encouraging them to keep going - half-marathoners pausing to cheer and yell support to the full-marathoners who still had another 13 miles ahead of them - friends running along side their athletes with video cameras to capture the moment - one runner hung a tiffany's box from the flap of her hat as motivation of the reward that was ahead

As runners, we know the personal joy and accomplishment we feel when running a race, but for once, it was pretty neat to see the excitement and happiness that our supporters feel too.



Congratulations to everyone who race! This was one of the most inspirational races that I've been to and I really hope to be be a participant next year!