A Sweaty Spin Workout

My training schedule for today called for a Spin class. My only window of opportunity to do this was in the early morning. Unfortunately, my gym doesn't have an early morning Spin class.

At first I thought I only had two options:

1. Ride my bike trainer at home: I've been doing this for a few weeks now and it bores me to death. It's a lot easier to ride than a Spin bike and I just don't feel like I get as good as a workout as a Spin class. Plus I'm often distracted by whatever television show I'm watching to really push myself as much as I need to.

2. Switch my schedule around: I really didn't want to do this.

I was fretting about what to do, then suddenly remembered something I've done dozens of times before -- to go to the gym and ride a Spin bike on my own.

This was a lot easier when I was a member of Crunch Fitness because they have a Spin studio. Now that I belong to 24-Hour Fitness, it's not so simple. 24-Hour only has one group exercise room for all classes.

I checked the GroupX schedule on my 24-Hour iPhone app and saw that the morning class finished at 7 am and the next class didn't start until 8:30 am. So I had a 90-minute window to get my 45-min workout in.

Next I had to figure out what to do. I'm no good at making up my own workouts. So last night, just before bed I did a quick Google search and found this Spin workout from Women's Health magazine.

Score! It was exactly what I was looking for!

So this morning I scribbled the workout on a piece of paper and got to the gym a little after the early class ended. I had the whole room to myself (for most of the time). I turned on the stopwatch on my iPhone, put on my iPod and started spinning away.

Holy cow this was good one! It made my legs burn and left me drenched in sweat! I haven't enjoyed a Spin workout this much in months.

To make it a little easier to read, I retyped the workout:

Spin Workout
Spin Workout

The Spin bikes at 24-Hour don't have computers (the ones at Crunch do - I miss that) so I left out the rpm's. If you really want the rpm's, they are listed on the original link of the workout above.

I also left off the music. Music is such a personal thing; I also didn't have time to put together a playlist with songs that had similar bpm as the suggested ones. Instead I just listened to my P!nk playlist which was perfect.

I think I preferred doing a Spin workout this way even more than going to an actual class. I knew what was coming up and could mentally prepare myself for it. Plus I got to choose my own music. I'm going to do this more often. Any other similar Spin workouts to share?