A Thousand Miles...

What started out as an evening stroll to get something to eat turned out to be an unplanned, 4+ hours, almost 7-mile excursion. After work, instead of succumbing to the Friday Night Brain Drain, Be and I decided to take a stroll down the Embarcadero and get something to eat. I wore my Garmin so I could track distances for Be because she's just starting to get into running. At Mile 1 we reached the Ferry Building: photo22

Along the rest of the stroll....

my failed attempt to get a jump photo


i never knew about this chocolate tasting room!


Eventually we reached Fisherman's Wharf and stopped at some tourist place for dinner.

Distance: 2.33 miles

At this point, since we were only a short ways away from Ghirardelli Square (a dark chocolate sundae is my biggest weakness) I made Be continue on.


On the way back, we saw these cute pups.


They were so well-behaved...and we were SUCKERED in to the tourist trap! Their owner showed up (wearing a dog outfit) and pretty much forced us to take pictures with them. For $5. I'm not kidding. Do I look a bit horrified? I was even more horrified when he made us changed poses and dumped one of the (stinky) dogs on my lap. I felt so violated.


After this, the fun evening suddenly ran its course. Our feet hurt and the rest of the stroll turned out to a dragging crawl. But along the way...

for the past 4 yrs i have wanted to celebrate my bday here but its ALWAYS closed for a holiday party. now i just refuse to go there, period. december babies always get the shaft.

bay bridge

We finally made it back to Be's place after another 4.09 miles.


Distance: 6.42 miles Time: Almost 5 hours (stops included) Calories: 386

Like I always say, walking is way harder than running...