A Week of Rest

walking-silhouette-clip-art1 "Never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance.” Anthony D'Angelo (as tweeted by @Runners_Lounge)

As I predicted, my 8-mile run two Saturdays ago took a lot out of me. 8-miles in 82 minutes was just too much. My body wasn't very happy with me this week so I tried something new and listened to it for a change. Instead of sticking with my workout schedule and trying to push through pain, I took a week off from running. Those of you who run know how hard this is, especially for an adrenaline junkie like me. I had to find other ways to get the endorphins flowing...

3.5 - 4 mile walks 3 1/2 - 4 mile walks at 6 am are peaceful and serene. I use the time to catch up on podcasts that I subscribe to and never get the chance to listen to. And turns out, 60 minutes of walking burns about 75 calories less than my usual 5k run. Sweet! But I still think walking is harder than running! My Old Friend, the Elliptical I always forget what a great workout I can get on the elliptical. It gets the heart rate up without the pounding impact on the body. Works the arms too. Still not as good as running, but an acceptable back up. Only thing is, I get bored on it, so I watch music videos on my iPhone...videos from Green Day, Gwen Stefano, Pink and of course Britney! Come on, you gotta admit, Britney songs are great for workouts. My fav videos are Circus, (I'm A) Slave for You and the old classic, "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

...and good, 'ol Swimming Week 3 of swimming concluded last Thursday and things are finally coming together. I more or less have the freestyle down. My form and technique are far from perfect, but I feel I'm at the point where I actually feel like I'm getting a workout; and it feels great! I have one more week in this session, then start the final two week summer session. But its so much fun that I think I'm going to sign up for the Fall sessions!

The only thing is, I think I'm allergic to the chlorine, or some chemical in it. I have this little rash-like bumps on my arms. I initially thought maybe it was my swimsuit, but I have them on my shins too so that's not it. My swim teacher gave me some swim shampoo (special shampoo to remove chlorine chemicals) to use as a body wash. That, along with benadryl, has helped. I hope I can eventually adapt to it, because I don't want to have this be a roadblock to keep me from swimming.

If anyone has any remedy suggestions, please let me know!