alameda de las pulgas run

distance: 6 miles
total time: 1:04
avg pace: 10:09/mile
avg speed: 5.2 mph
max speed: 7.4 mph
total calories: 588
avg heart rate: 122 bpm
max heart rate: 172 bpm
total ascent: 804 ft

i drove all the way out to sawyers camp only to find it the most crowded i've ever seen it. there was seriously no where to park. so i drove all the way back, not quite sure of where i would run. i knew i didn't want to go to the gym -- i can't stand running on the treadmill these days -- but i was also concerned because it was already getting really hot.

i ended up parking at hillsdale mall and running up hillsdale blvd, then down alameda de las pulgas, all the way to crystal springs road at st barts. it proved to be a good run -- mostly flat but 3 challenging hills. by the time i got to the hill by baywood elementary, i was spent. the sweltering heat didn't make it any easier, but i had read that running hills improves speed so i hope it helps!