...And I'm Back!

So you know how I said I was on the 15-day DL and couldn’t run this week? Well, after 10 days on the DL, I ran tonight! Yep, I I did! I went to see Dr. Eva today and she liked my progress and gave me the green light to go! So what did I do? I came home and took a nap first. LOL. I’d been up at 4:30 am the past 2 days for 5:30 am workouts and I was beat.

(Earlier today, before I knew I could run, I went to the pool and swam 1800 meters. Between 2000 m on Saturday, and 1800 m today, my arms are SO SORE! I had no idea that I could be so sore from swimming!) But after one of the best naps ever, put on my running shoes (this made me so happy) and headed out the door.

Battling the hurt had seriously taken its mental toll on me, so I wanted to keep things simple. No heart monitor, no music (yes, no music), no water bottle, no iFitness belt, no...well, let’s not get too crazy, I did run with my Garmin. I’m just too Type-A that way. I tied my house key in my shoe laces and took nothing else with me.

Since the pain went away, I’ve caught myself still reacting to different movements as if I expected pain, and found myself doing it again as I warmed up. But once I realized that I didn’t feel any pain, I relaxed.

I decided to just run 3 miles to see how I felt. When you don’t run with music, a lot of random thoughts float around in your head:

- So this is what its like to run without pain. - Oh wait, my left calf feels weird where Dr. Eva worked on it today. - Sheesh its really hot out today. - This no music thing sucks. - I really wish I had my water bottle. - Crap, I forgot I have a fantasy football draft tonight. - I’m so bringing my iPod next time. - This feels harder than it should be.

That last one -- yeah, those short miles did feel harder, cardiovascular-ly, than it should have. Spinning, swimming and other cardio work just isn’t the same as running.

After the three miles, I stopped and took inventory. I felt okay! The places where I’d hurt, didn’t. But I still iced anyways. And stretched for a long time. And did my exercises. I’m gonna do everything I’m told to - not gonna be lazy and take any chances.

I’m so happy to be back!

PS (Random rant: I so hate that the Wordpress template I'm using requires a thumbnail image for every post. I swear, I spent more time looking for some random image, than I do actually writing...)