And the Card Attached Would Say...

bff1 Last week I wrote a post about my BFF in OH, Ms Gamble. Well it was unexpected to her so I promised her she could write one about me and I'd post it no matter what. I was scared about what she would say, but when I read this last night I could not stop laughing....

You know, NJ is her own brand. I could attach a brand pyramid with the foundation of values, aspirations, audiences, brand promise with a final value proposition... but that's just soooo strategic and insincere. [Besides, I believe that I will be doing branding for her anyway, when she launches her own business. And mama don't give that up for free.]

NJ's life equation of mind + body = energy really has changed her. With the added zen and endorphinal high, subtracted are road rage and bitter language. Sadly for me, gone are Monterey Chicken from Chili's and waffle fries from Chick Fil-A. Boo. It's all fro-yo and whole grain quinoa surprise.

It's like, NJ really does care about important stuff now. During election 2008 she was all into the Issues. Proposition This and That. She was all, federal legislation ____ blah blah human rights and dignity something-something electorial votes __ judicial Hey birth control and prescription drugs will not be covered STOP THE PRESS. What?! She was all P-diddy on me and was like Rock The Vote. And I did.

[Speaking of prescription drugs. Totally reminded me of our ongoing conflict of Jennifer Ambien. NJ loves her; I do not. NJ got Jen's haircut; I believe that all the Marleys were prettier than Jen Anizzzzzzzzzton in Marley & Me. We agree to disagree.]

But her passion for the Giants is permanent. I remember circa 2005 when NJ sent me a text message that read 'Feliz On Fire!' and I immediately thought Los Feliz, Gwen Stefani's neighborhood, was burning. (It was during the debut of l.a.m.b.) But she was totally watching a Giants game and Pedro Feliz had just hit a homer. Again, another example of how NJ is so passionate about Her Stuff.

So I miss her. Today I am stuck in the midwest--which explains the obesity epidemic--but I will be back baking cookies and pounding the 'doro with her soon.

Hey NJ, I know who broke your .... during the ... And it was not me.


Notorious KDG.

And one note of clarification - I do not have Jen ANISTON's hair cut; I have Eva Mendes' 'do...