Another Awesome Tweet-up

I love social media and if used properly, can bring a lot of goodness to our lives. Personally, I've had fantastic experiences, particularly with Twitter, and have met some really wonderful people through it. And today I got meet another Twitter friend, in-person, for the very first time.

Jess (@jsutera654) and I have been Twitter friends for a while. We read each other's blogs and knew we shared a passion for fitness. Soon we learned that we both work in the same professional space, and graduated from exchanging tweets and blog comments to direct emails.

A few weeks ago Jess mentioned that she would be traveling to the Bay Area for an industry conference. I told her that I was planning to attend the same conference, and we immediately agreed that we HAD to meet.

I've been looking forward to this for the past few weeks, and the day finally arrived! We finally met-up today at Starbucks, in-between meetings!


It was so great! By reading her blog, EatDrinkBreatheSweat, I felt like I already knew her; it was like meeting an old friend!

We had so much to talk about:

- Kick (the fitness classes she teaches) - Running - Nutrition - Work

Its too bad that we only had 45 minutes to meet, because I think I could have sat and chatted for hours.

And to think, if it wasn't for Twitter, we never would have met!

And in case you're wondering, this wasn't my first tweet-up.

* My first tweet-up was with Lauren (@sfgiantsgirl) at a Giants game last summer. I thought I was a pretty big Giants fan, but I pale in comparison to her. She keeps me posted on all things Giants and has even started a podcast of her stories.

* This post about my 7-mile run in the City was also a tweet-up with Melissa (@missyleyva)

* This post about the Giants Fanfest was also a tweet-up with the group that I like to call the "OG Tweeps" - the first group of Giants Twitter friends that I'd made

* And this post about the half-marathon I ran last week was also a tweet-up with Ron (@punkrockrunner) who writes one of the most entertaining blogs that I read.


I've gotten to meet some really cool people through social media, Twitter in particular. People who teach me, inform me, entertain me and most of all inspire me. I would have never met them if it wasn't for Twitter.

P.S. My second favorite social media site is the Daily Mile...but I'll save that another another day. I deserves a post all to it self! :)