Another Week Around the Looooop

One thing I did this week was revisit some of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog, way back in 2007. I so enjoyed reading them; they took me back to that moment in time and reminded me of so many details that I had forgotten about... I haven’t been regularly writing these days; hardly as often as I would like to. Mental fatigue and laziness are purely to blame. I need to do better, and will start now.

The last post I wrote (not counting the one on the Portland Marathon course) was a week ago. Since then, not much has been going on. My life is pretty much up at 5:17 am, run, work, watch the Giants on TV, sleep and repeat. Seriously.

And while I track my workout data, they don’t really tell the story behind them. So in the interest of documenting stuff so I can come back in read them again later, indulge me while I do a recap:

Monday Still tired and queasy from Sunday’s run, I went out for 4-miles. In my head, I felt like these were the 4-miles I wasn’t able to finish on Sunday so I attacked them. It took about a mile to warmed-up, but once I did, I felt pretty good. Finished with each mile faster than the one before.

That night I went to yoga. We had a sub who practices Forest Yoga. I didn’t feel like going, but I forced myself to go, and was so glad I went. I don’t really understand what Forest Yoga is, but we did traditional yoga poses, but focused on completely relaxing the neck. There was a lot of emphasize on listening and connecting with your body, kinda like a healing philosophy. Personally, I prefer restorative yoga and sometimes Hatha yoga is a little too much for me. This was a nice balance of both.

Tuesday Early morning work meetings called and I wasn’t able to get out for my usual 6 am run. My chiro visits after work leave me too sore to run afterward them, so my only option was to run in the afternoon. I worked out of San Jose that day and ventured out at 2:30 pm (the hottest time of the day) to the Guadalupe Trail right behind my office building. Needless to say the lack of shade made it quite desolate. I ended up doing half of the planned 6 miles. Considering the heat, I was pretty damn proud of those 3.5 miles.

Wednesday I was never so happy to have a day of rest. I normally would have gone to my 6 am Strength & Conditioning class at the gym, but my body was worn out and for once, I listened to it and did nothing. Actually, I slept in, which is just as important as a workout. In fact, I got 8.5 hours of sleep. Unheard of for me! I also had another chiro appointment. Two days of chiro work in a row leaves me sore, but good sore.

Thursday I was up at 5:17 am again for a scheduled 5-mile run @ 9:20 min/mile pace. Admittedly, as I made my bed, I was tempted to crawl back in and get another couple of hours of zzzzz. I had stayed up late to watch the So You Think You Can Dance finale (my most favorite summer show ever!). The only thing that motivated me was that it would be my first run in my new Pearl Izumi syncroFuel shoes. It turned out to be a great run! I ended up running the whole thing with an overall pace of 9:01 min/mile with 2 sub 9-min/miles. That is unusually fast for me. It must be the shoes!

That evening, after work, I went to the gym and spent some time in the whirlpool. I've found that if I can spend some time there at least once a week, it really helps me out. Although my time limit in it is 10-minutes max. Its boring and too hot...I don't like heat.

Friday That great run on Thursday left me really sore on Friday morning, especially in the usual area that's been bothering me - the inside of my left shin. Since I had 18-miles scheduled for Saturday, I didn't push myself at all, and was just happy to get the 4-miles done and out of the way.

After last week's digestive debacle I knew I had to be careful about what I ate on Friday night. My usual pre-long run dinner is a salmon crepe and breakfast potatoes, but I was tired of it and wanted something different. I'd been craving honey-wheat pizza crust, so I got a BBQ chicken pizza from CPK. I also skipped the fro-yo that I'd been having every night before bed.

Saturday I had a non-committed goal of being out the door at my usual 6 am time, but who was I kidding. It was Saturday and didn't happen. I still woke up at 5:30 am, but vegged out for about a half hour, then had a bowl of granola for breakfast. In hindsight, I should've ate more because by the end of the 18-miles I was starving.

The run itself went fine. I had sore, super tired legs from running 6 days in the past week (something I'd never done before), but there were no digestive issues. It was actually kinda like an out-of-body experience, where I knew I was running, but it didn't quite feel like it was me. I really spaced out on the first 5-miles. Every time I thought I was running faster, I realized I was going slower. Really weird feeling. I ran my same 5-mile loop 3 and a half times. I know that sounds really boring, but I wanted to be close to home in case I fell apart again. In all honesty, it wasn't boring at all. I've gotten to know the walkers, runners, bicyclists, and even dogs that frequent the loop so I spent most of the time (after the first 5 miles) waving hi to everyone. Its a real pick-me-up when they actually say hi back.

Around Mile 9 my legs were so damn tired, and I had no idea how I was going to run another 9 miles. But somehow, I did (again, must've been my new magic shoes). The last 3 miles were the worst. I wanted it to be over so badly; I was so hungry!

When I was done, I walked home, stretched a little, then laid sprawled out on the living room floor. I propped my legs up on a chair and just laid there for about 30 minutes (still hungry). I should've taken an ice bath, but more than anything I just wanted to get cleaned up so I took a cold shower, then finally ate some food. Leftover pizza and a cobb salad I had ordered the night before with the pizza.

Knowing I'd be tired after the run, I passed up on 2 sets of tickets to the Giants game, one being Club Level behind home plate. AND, it was a huge weekend series vs the first place Padres. Yeah, don't say I'm not dedicated to this training thing. I justified my decision with the fact that I was going to a charity event being hosted by Matt Cain after the game. Too bad I was too beat to make the drive to the City. So to justify missing the charity event, I made plans to have dinner at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. Yeah, that didn't happen either. I was in bed by 9:30 pm (on a Saturday night!), but thankfully got another solid night of sleep.

Sunday They say Sunday is a day of rest, and I could not have been more restful. It was pretty much a fat dog day of watching Niners football, Giants baseball, and a Sonny/Brenda marathon on Soapnet. Awesome.

So ends another week of training...and another one starts tomorrow.

Random shots that I took on my run:


* These birds greet me every morning.


* Then they cross the lagoon and wait for me on the other side...I swear! They gawk at me every time I run through them. At one point I thought they were going to attack me.


* I took this one for my kinda says it all...