Another Week of Workouts


Bay to Breakers

Sadly, it felt like a long run to me. When I got home from the race I felt like I had run 20-miles and spent the rest of day planted on the couch (I do this a lot).


AM: It was supposed to be a Rest Day but I was bored and restless so I put in 30-minutes on the Spin bike and then went to a 30-minute Core class. We used an upside-down BOSU to do all kinds of planks and push-ups. So evil, and so effective.

That night I wanted to make my return to Yoga, but I had zero food in the house so I did some grocery shopping (where I ran into my yoga teacher - talk about guilt) and then came home and did more fat-dogging on the couch. See, I told you I do this a lot.


AM: It's so hard to get into a Spin class in the evening, so I got up for a 6 am class.

PM: I did another Nike Training Club workout; this time the 30-minute "Conditioning Corps" one. This one had a lot of squats, dead lifts and lunges, plus, Russian Twists, Toe Touches and Side Planks - a Total Body Workout!


AM: After 6+ weeks off, I finally went back to a Dailey Method class. I only have 2 left of my 10-class package and I'm not about to let them go to waste. The thing about DM is that the workouts can easily get repetitive and stale, but they find a way to mix things up to keep them fresh.

For this class, we did a lot of bar work, which is the most challenging thing in DM, but I find it to be the best. I am able to get really good leg stretches, but perhaps after not going yoga and DM for weeks, I may have overdone it a little. I definitely felt it on Thursday.

PM: The only day of the week I got to run! I left the Garmin at home and went out for an easy 4-miler. By Wednesday, the rainy weather was gone and it was nice and breezy. Okay, maybe a little too windy, but I was just happy to be out running again!


AM: Another Spinning class. My 3rd Spin workout of the week. I'm already bored of it.

PM: I was tired.


AM: Swam 2000 meters. I had the lane all to myself, and the pool as well until about my last 5 laps. You'd think (at least I did) that I would have loved it, but I kinda wished there was at least one person there with me to fire up a little competition in me for motivation (yeah, I sometimes have 1-sided races with other swimmers). I had a hard time staying focused. My mind kept wandering and thus I never fell into a good rhythm. I know my form was bad and I felt like I worked much harder than I should have.

PM: I had a 90-minute massage. I had this scheduled for next week, but I couldn't wait any longer. I needed one. Great way to spend a Friday night!

Today is a rest day and I'm off to celebrate birthdays and graduations with my family. Tomorrow is a Donut Run in the City with my favorite runners!

Source: via Mansi on Pinterest