Anything Can Happen In 40 Yards...

I woke up early this morning and checked my Buckeye Outdoors calendar to see what workout my coach had scheduled for me today. It was a speed workout of running lines on the football field where I basically run a lot of 10-100 yard sprints. I had done a similar workout many moons ago and have been doing this specific workout periodically over the past few months. As a football fan, it’s a pretty fun workout. I may or may not pretend to have a football tucked under my arm running for my life from the Defense.

I got to the track around 7 am and did a quick 10-min warm-up run, then dynamic stretches and plyo drills as per usual.

I broke up the sprints into two sets and got through the first two without any issue. I waited five minutes (as prescribed) then started the third set.

+ 0-10 yards -- fine. + 0-20 yards -- fine. + 0-30 yards -- no problem. + 0-40 yards -- ow.

I felt a gluteal muscle spasm. I jogged back to the zero yard line and started my 0-50 yard sprint (the last one of this set). It didn't feel good. But my Piriformis is often bothersome (although it hasn't been lately) so I thought it was being its usual self.

I stretched for a bit then started the fourth (and last) set. I couldn't get the same kind of jump or speed that I was able to during the prior sets. I still finished the set, and then went on to do a 5-min cool down.

After the cool down I stretched a little and realized that the gluteal pain I felt was more than just "a thing." It felt like "an issue" and I got concerned.

I came home and tried to do some yoga stretches and couldn't; it hurt too much. I fired off frantic messages to my coach and chiro and found myself in my chiro's office about an hour later.

I am usually spot on with my diagnoses and this time was no exception. After a lot of evaluation, soft tissue work and ART, my chiro declared that my high hammy and Piriformis was indeed injured, but not very badly.

She got the muscles loose enough to where I can (tenderly) stretch them and told me to ice, stretch, and take two days off from running. "Do any workout that doesn't involve these muscles for the next two days" she said. Then she said, "You should still be able to do your long run this weekend, just avoid hills."


In hindsight I realized I ran a very hilly 12-miles last Saturday, then ran 4- miles on Sunday and did not stretch once after either of those runs. It's no wonder I had a setback running sprints today. The muscles were too tight.

What can I say? After doing at least 20-min of Yoga or Pilates every day in January I was feeling good and got lazy. I knew better and let myself get lazy anyway.


You can best be certain that I will be doing my 20-min of practice every day from here on out. It's back on the table and going to be a goal in March.

Do you slack on stretching and other stuff "you're supposed to do", then suffer an "I told you so moment later?"