For the past two nights, I’ve been aqua-jogging! You know, like running in the pool. Why? • I can’t swim so I aqua-jog. Yes, I am from Hawaii and I can’t swim. I mean properly swim. I can stay afloat but ask me to swim laps? Forget it. No clue. • Running in the pool helps to build leg strength without the pounding impact of running on the pavement. • Its cardio! I can get the heart rate going! • I can rehab in the hot tub immediately after a 30-minute workout. • I love my $8 swim shoes from Target


After a long run, like the one I did on Saturday, it takes 2-3 days for the hammy to recover. It felt much better after 8-miles than it did after 6, but was still nagging me. I spent all afternoon on Saturday and all day on Sunday stretching, rolling on the foam roller and massaging it with the theracane.

I had only planned to aqua-jog on Monday and hoped to run on today. But during my physical therapy appointment this afternoon, my therapist really worked me. After the rub-down, exercises and stem therapy, my leg was feeling good; really loose. I didn’t want to risk aggravating it with a run this evening so I decided to take it easy and hit the pool for more aqua-jogging instead. Maybe I’m "babying" it, but I’ve come so far, and it’s so close to race day that I don’t want to have a setback now.

I’ll get a 5-miler in tomorrow or Thursday to get ready for the last long one this Saturday!