Ask Me Anything

The last thing I wanted to do was to get up for a 6 am Dailey Method class, but I did. It’s my 5th one, and while I feel like I’m getting stronger, I also feel like the classes are becoming more intense.

We did a lot of ballet bar work today. This included lots of squats and micro leg movements using this little fitness ball:


At one point my legs were shaking uncontrollably. The instructor says that’s a good thing; I sure hope so. All I could think about was – how am I going to run tonight?

But I did and it went really well. I programmed the workout into the Garmin and remembered to use it this time. Seeing a countdown, vs. count up, of the mileage, and only seeing the current pace really helped me to feel at ease and not over think things while I run – does that make sense?

Usually all I think about is how much farther I have left to go; or will I meet the time I’m supposed to for this mile? Those thoughts never crossed my mind once. I wish it could be this way for every run.

Three Tunes I Am Obsessed With This Week:

1. “What’s My Name” by Rihanna & Drake: I loved her performance at the NBA All-Star Game. She usually seems so robotic but when she performs this song her personality comes out.

2. “Coming Home” by Diddy: is this what he’s going by these days?

3. “He Got Game” by Public Enemy: Added this oldie back to the Burn List. Again, inspired by the NBA All-Star Game. Who doesn’t love Jesus Shuttlesworth?