At what point do I stop being conservative?

Just because I ran last week's half marathon pain-free doesn't mean I'm 100% recovered. After last week's race I emailed my physical therapist to give her a rundown on it. She was happy to hear how well it went and admonished me to take 2 Rest Days.

Thinking that one Rest Day (Monday) was sufficient I swam on Tuesday, and then went for my first post-race run Wednesday. It was just an easy 5-miler that felt great! In fact, at the end of my run I thought, "Hey, my foot didn't get numb!” and just as I those words crossed my mind, my foot went numb. Humph. After the run I worked out with my personal trainer.

I had another 5-miler scheduled for Thursday but lo and behold, I was sore and exhausted. I. could. not. do. it. and ended up taking another Rest Day. When I met with the PT on Friday she was happy to hear that I listened to my body and did not "force the workout."

Yet, this is where I struggle, wondering if I am doing my body well by taking the extra rest, or am I being lazy and not pushing myself enough. So I posed the question to my PT...

"At what point do I stop being conservative?"

The answer: "When the symptoms are non-existent." Simple as that. And while the pain is gone, the foot numbness is not so I have to continue to hold back and err on the side of caution. For me to do this, I have to continue running Garmin-free. You see, I am not disciplined enough to drop the ego when I run with it as proven by Saturday's 7-mile run.

I have a regular 5-mile route that I run. I've run this route hundreds of times. I can tell you the distance at any given point on this 5-mile route. 6 miles? I can easily guesstimate that distance too. 7 miles? I need the Garmin. So I ran with it on Saturday. With every mile I found myself pushing to be faster than the last. And what did it get me? Foot numbness at Mile 5 that I could not shake. I was forced to run/walk the last 2-miles. Had I been more conservative, I think I could have salvaged those last couple of miles.

Lesson learned.

I finished out the week with a second personal training session and an easy 4-miler on Sunday (in which my foot did not get least not during the run. After was another story).

This foot numbness thing is nothing but a pain in the butt -- literally. It is all stemming from my Piriformis. And while I'm improving, it's not as quickly as I, or my PT would like. So at her recommendation, I'll be seeing an acupuncturist this week. I've never seen one before but I'm told it's not as painful as ART or Graston. I'm actually looking forward to it!

In other news…

I'm continuing to learn more about Web design and coding! I enlisted some assistance with some of the more complicated design elements that I want to incorporate to my site and will be {attempting} to do the coding myself! I thought about putting the site in Maintenance Mode again, but decided not to which means, you'll be able to see the work in progress! Being the novice that I am, it's going to take forever, but I have no timetable or deadline for it. I've already made 2 changes so far - what do you think?