Athleta Warehouse Sale

Several months ago I received an Athleta catalog in the mail. I had never heard of Athleta and till this day, have no idea how I got the catalog. Nevertheless, I thought it had really cute workout and swimwear. I meant to order a few items from it but never did. Fastforward to last Friday when I read a tweet from @ChicAlert:

"@ChicAlert: Athleta warehouse sale in Petaluma, CA. Deets here: (via @athletaofficial) Fri 9-6. Sat 10-4p sun 10-2"

As soon as I read this, I knew I was going. Being rather last minute, none of my friends were able to come along, but it didn't matter, I went anyways - solo.

Although its only about 60 miles away, I knew it was going to take over an hour and half just because of traffic. Luckily, it was a beautiful day in the Bay Area and I passed the time listening to KNBR and their "Dodgers Suck" rap contest (pretty entertaining). :)

My favorite part of the drive was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge

Crossing the GGB

I got to Petaluma in just under two hours; by this time, I was ready to shop!


It was the second day of the sale and clearly, the goods had already been picked over. But I was able to find some deals:

Puffy Jacket for $40

Running Pants for $9

Compression Shorts

Swimsuit for $6

And this reusable Athleta bag for $4:


The drive home went by much faster, and I decided to take the scenic route home, through the city.

Coming back it was foggy at the GGB

Part of the Palace of Fine Arts

City Hall

By the time I got home, I was starving and stopped off to have a nice lunch on the water!

Shrimp & Crab Louis Salad

Great way to spend a Saturday!